Sunday, October 25, 2015

MedicalConspiracies- The Design of Yoplait cups kill

Tell Yoplait: Stop killing wildlife - redesign your cups!

When a hungry, curious skunk finds a Yoplait yogurt cup, it might think it's in for a treat – but once it sticks its head inside, it's nearly guaranteed to be trapped inside until it dies from suffocation or dehydration.

Yoplait can prevent skunks and other animals from this terrifying death with a simple redesign of their cups, but so far the company has refused.

I started a Care2 petition demanding that Yoplait stop selling yogurt cups that kill wildlife. Click here to add your name.

The problem with Yoplait's cups is that they have a tapered top, which makes it easy for skunks and other wildlife to get their heads inside of – but not to escape from. Skunks in particular are in danger, since they have paws that are not made to grasp objects.

This isn't a rare occurrence. I got the photo above from Laura Simon, a wildlife ecologist in Connecticut. Laura reported that in her work on a wildlife protection hotline she gets calls at least once a month from people who see a skunk trapped inside a Yoplait cup. That's just in Connecticut, and just the cases where people see a skunk and happen to call in to help.

Yoplait has known since 1998 that their cups are killing and injuring wildlife. At the time, General Mills executives met to talk about the topic, but decided that they would only help by printing a tiny bit of text at the bottom of the container reading "Protect wildlife crush before disposal."

Clearly that's not enough. It's high time that we show Yoplait that their "solution" hasn't worked, and their customers want to eat yogurt that's not responsible for killing wildlife.

Click here to tell Yoplait that you want a death-free cup design! If enough of us speak out, the company will realize they need to take action to protect their brand.

Thanks for your help!

The Care2 Petitions Team

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