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MedicalConspiracies- solution-to-terror-shut-down-mosques

ubama's likely response will be to sign an eo, awarding a $10T stimulous to cair;-)))))  bruce

MedicalConspiracies- Fw: [freedomfightersforamerica] Digest Number 1926

Watch the video to the bottom of the post....send it everyone.


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Digest #1926
Re: Fw: Freedom Fighter Nazis of America by "FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR AMERICA" wrldlve
Re: Fw: Re: Freedon Fighters for a NAZI America by "FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR AMERICA" wrldlve
* * *  "Grinding America Down"  * * * by "Ron Branson" jail4judges_founder


Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:36 pm (PDT) . Posted by:



                                          FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR AMERICA
                                     "FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY"     http://www.freedomf ightersforameric 

Apologies members, we do get idiots passing me by from time, And by the way to the dirty basterds ( correct spelling bastards) i am a male, so much for your intelligence. as far as being a nazi turd ball(s) you really are gutter slime, having most of my family and past wiped out in the concentration camps of nazi germany.

 a pleasure to remove you from this forum!!

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Subject: [freedomfightersfor america] Fw: Freedom Fighter Nazis of America

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Subject: Re: Freedom Fighter Nazis of America

It's has been a while.  But we're back with our horrible ways.  

A big shout out to Chris Zucker--come on lady!  come out of the Nazi closet!  

WHOIS search results for: FREEDOMFIGHTERSFORA MERICA.COM (Registered)     

Domain Name........ .. freedomfightersfora
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Admin Name........ ... chris zucker
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Whois Server: whois.melbourneit. com
Creation Date: 26-JAN-2007
Updated Date: 01-DEC-2012
Expiration Date: 26-JAN-2014

Nameserver: YNS2.YAHOO.COM

https://www. linkedin. com/pub/chris- zucker/15/ 812/497

Chris Zucker


    Ridgefield, Connecticut (Greater New York City Area)
    International Affairs

Forward with our Love,

The Basterds

Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:37 pm (PDT) . Posted by:



                                          FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR AMERICA
                                     "FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY"     http://www.freedomf ightersforameric 

please disregard this fool has been removed.

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From: Auntie Fah <antifa_actionz@>
To: "freedomfightersfora merica@yahoogrou" <freedomfightersfora merica@yahoogrou>
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Subject: [freedomfightersfor america] Fw: Re: Freedon Fighters for a NAZI America

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Subject: Fw: Re: Freedon Fighters for a NAZI America

And when I say set, I mean the WHOLE set, including the professor:

We apologize for our forgetfulness.


The Basterds

--- On Mon, 4/29/13, aldo.raine78@ <aldo.raine78@> wrote:

>From: aldo.raine78@ <aldo.raine78@>
>Subject: Fw: Re: Freedon Fighters for a NAZI America
>To: "Auntie Fah" <antifa_actionz@>
>Date: Monday, April 29, 2013, 10:06 PM
>Ah shit, forgot the other one.  Gotta make sure people have the set:
>William D. Johnson
>--- On Mon, 4/29/13, aldo.raine78@ <aldo.raine78@> wrote:
>>From: aldo.raine78@ <aldo.raine78@>
>>Subject: Re: Freedon Fighters for a NAZI America
>>To: "Auntie Fah" <antifa_actionz@>
>>Date: Monday, April 29, 2013, 10:04 PM
>>Some people they might of heard of.  Tell them we heard of them too:
>>Also from
>>http://antiracistba sterds.blogspot. com/2012/ 02/ron-paul- and-jamie- kelso-and- white.html
>>Let&# 39;s make that a little more obvious:
>>-The Basterds

Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:27 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

"Ron Branson" jail4judges_founder

Message from Ron Branson
National JAIL4Judges Founder
VictoryUSA@jail4jud <mailto:VictoryUSA@jail4jud>

The below link is a very important link that everyone should
execute when they have the time. This video presentation will
cost you one and a half hour of your time. I suggest you
establish exclusively a one and a half hour dedication to
watching this film. I assure you that your time will not be

After you have watched this film, you are likely to send this
link on to your circle of contacts, which will likewise do the
same. There is a vast planned agenda to progressively "Grind
America Down," and those involved in this agenda have been very
successful with their agenda.

Upon reaching the conclusion of this film, the only thing I
would add is specific particulars on just how we must accomplish
our countering the subversives efforts. I suggest everyone do
more than just pay lip service to the creation of Independent
Citizen Special Grand Juries throughout this country as
presented at:
http://jail4judges. org/State_ Chapters/ ca/CA_Initiative .html
<http://jail4judges. org/State_ Chapters/ ca/CA_Initiative .html>

http://vimeo. com/63749370 <http://vimeo. com/63749370>

Enjoy the movie





MedicalConspiracies- obama-to-be-democratic-nominee-in-2016


WHEN  ERECTED,  "michelle", aka "MICHAEL", will continue the presidential tradition, including
real / rumored heterosexual / bisexual / pedophiles, one with a "rumored" lesbo wife, to a mulato
muslim homosexual with a transsexual pre-op / hermaphroditic wife / husband, to a heterosexual
former president with now "rumored" lesbo wife as "president" with the mulato muslim homosexual's
transsexual pre-op / hermaphroditic wife / husband as the "VICE" prez.

It must be my fingers "time-o-the month", cuz, they're sure crampy right now;-)))))  I picked a
terrible time to quit drink'n;-)))))  ROTFLMAO !!!!!  bruce

MedicalConspiracies- Fw: Citizens for Health New Post: A Spoonful of HFCS is Neither "OK" nor Especially "Happy"

April 30, 2013
Dear Citizen for Health,
We thought you'd be interested in a new post on our website:
And please remember to sign the petition calling for proper labeling of products containing HFCS. Keep in mind that comments on our website are certainly appreciated - but if you want to share those comments with the FDA, sign the petition!
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Monday, April 29, 2013

MedicalConspiracies- Fw: Senator Reid Trying to Resuscitate Gun Registration

Senator Reid Trying to Resuscitate Gun Registration
logo Gun Owners of America

Senator Reid Trying to Resuscitate Gun Registration
Help GOA put heat on Senators while they're home on recess!
"Larry Pratt with the Gun Owners of America is effective. I don't deal with them myself, but the fact is, they are effective."  F-rated Congressman Peter King (R-NY), April 4, 2013
You guys won a tremendous victory two weeks ago. And the press had all but written off President Obama as having been dealt a major, crushing blow.
But now, the Left is relentlessly hammering those Senators who voted right. They are running ads in their states. Their minions are writing letters to the editor. They are using their platform in the media to relentlessly hammer those who voted for freedom.
And while all this is happening, look at what the New York Times reported on Thursday:
"Talks to revive gun control legislation are quietly under way on Capitol Hill as a bipartisan group of senators seeks a way to bridge the differences that led to last week's collapse ... to overhaul the country's gun laws."
Plus, we have to stay active, and keep contacting each and every Senator.
The message is the same: No gun control! Not one word of gun registration, background checks or infringements. Nothing!
Can't remember how your Senator voted? GOA has posted all the votes on its site.
We are so close to winning, but fighting gun control is very expensive. The Hill newspaper told Senators this past Wednesday:
"Gun Owners of America, which also vigorously fought the Senate bill, spent more than $313,000 on lobbying this past quarter, an increase over [what] they dropped at this point in 2012."
ACTION: Congress is out of session this week. So please make sure that you visit your Senators when they are home  go to their town hall meetings ... call their local district offices ... write letters to the editor ... do everything you can to make your voice heard.
Thank those who voted right. Rebuke those who voted wrong.


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FYI,  TRUTHERS  !!!!!  bruce
Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

With the topic of government false-flag operations being discussed throughout the country with the recent slow but progressive mass awakening to such events occurring in America it seems like good timing to ruminate on the issue and discuss just how the average person can develop the skills required to skillfully predict and catch government false-flag attacks in real-time and awaken others around you to these events and the political motives behind them.

I use the word 'art' because I believe being right about such high-level events deserves attention for the cognitive and intellectual skills required and the 'delivery of truth' skills required to share these truths with receptive (intellectually honest) members of society. Truth is always vindicated and victory goes to the opponent that is willing to deal with ALL the facts openly and transparently, as truth seekers in the information war have done for a very long time in America. The establishment government, however,  always plays the same hand with these events. Today these longstanding similarities that follow false-flag operations have naturally rendered some clear patterns to recognize for those of us seeking truth.

Step 1 – Clear your mind

The art of catching government false-flags in real time begins with altering your belief system to disconnect your mind from the influence the mainstream media has on it. This 'connection' is very real, and understanding how important it is to disconnect your mind from mainstream media lies cannot be understated. Many Hollywood movies and almost all TV shows play a huge roll in reinforcing the government narrative, as does the public school curriculum, so you will also have to be aware of the connection between these as well. However, since the mainstream media breaking news story of the next false-flag attack is the very thing you'll be judging, it is paramount to distance oneself from this entity. This is the most important step that will make catching your first real-time false-flag very easy.

Armed with a clear mind and now thinking on your own, considering all logic and reason, you are now prepared to clearly see your first false-flag event. Your mind is prepared to see what is right in front of you now that you have removed the signal that was blurring your understanding. A free person with a clear mind free of government-engineered propaganda and marketing is a powerful tool with potential that is unlimited. The magic of living in a world where a controlled media and government does not even play a role in your life and your thinking process is a magic you cannot imagine until you cross that bridge. With that said let's explore the next step.

Step 2 - Understand the stakes at hand

Are you aware of the stakes at hand? Consider history and what the end result of too much government control really means. Consider what freedom for humanity really means and those who have given their lives for these beliefs in the past. Apply the process of critical thinking to these ideas and see what you discover. First, approach the process of thinking with the purpose of being the best. Exercise what I call Intellectual Karate. Realize that you are about to go into an arena where the battle is for reason, truth, justice, logic, wisdom and cognitive conquering. Think for a minute, if man-kind is truly the superior animal on the planet because of its cognitive abilities and its abilities to apply a form of higher brain intelligence that allows us to conquer all other animals, then shouldn't we care which form of mankind-thinking (meaning which paradigm) will ultimately control the destiny of the species? This I believe is the core meaning of the information war we fight; a competitive battle of cognitive expressions of truth versus lies, each side representing a specific agenda -- that being selfishness versus altruism, or personal greed and thirst for power versus selfless concern for the future experience of humans. I believe that this war is possibly spiritual and it (this battle of consciousness) defines who we are as a whole and will determine where humanity is headed.

Step 3 - Arm your mind with facts and reason

We owe it to ourselves to research history and see how governments have used false-flag operations for political gain in the past. The fact of the matter is that false-flag operations have been a commonly used tactic of past governments to justify an attack on an enemy. See and understand the logic that makes planned attacks on a selected enemy nearly impossible without an engineered and carefully timed false-flag attack. Become aware that false-flag operations and tactics that incite the enemy are officially part of military strategy. Realize that documented U.S. government plans for false-flags date back at least 50 years. Consider also that if governments have determined false-flag tactics to be an effective option 50 years ago then that is more than enough reason to suspect false-flags to be a reasonable explanation for any potentially engineered bombing or attack we see today.

Step 4 - Search, pin down, and recognize the beneficiaries

We can all see where false-flags of the past have worked very well for the perpetrators. This information is difficult to hide. Throughout history the beneficiaries of false-flag operations are not debatable. This is knowledge and power for truth seekers. Beneficiaries stand naked in the eyes of history; alone they stand hoping that humanity will look the other way, not notice, or chalk up their improbable luck to coincidence. When government stands alone as the prime beneficiary of a false-flag, that should bother your sense of truth, trigger your intellectual integrity and set off your truth meter. Side with reason and common sense before you blindly believe that governments luckily accept the results of apparent false-flag events and conveniently and impulsively change legislation to increase their power and take away the power from the people.

Step 5 - Analyze the event and look for common trends

Government false-flags almost always have a patsy designed to take the blame. This patsy seems to always have a connection/relationship/history of interaction with the U.S. government (military, FBI, CIA). This relationship with government entities is always ignored or downplayed by the controlled government mouthpiece mainstream media. They always act as though the relationship is not real or not relevant. Amazingly, the patsy's history always leads back to government. The patsy always denies doing it or tells the world they are being set up. Patsies are always eventually murdered, silenced, tortured or all of the above. We all know that dead men tell no tales and tortured people will tell any tell you want them to. This is why torture and murder is and always will be illegal even when committed by a temporary criminal government.

Government agents and entities always stage a massive presence at the event or scene of the crime well in advance, and always just prior to the event. It never fails, yet many in America chalk this up to coincidence, where there is no such thing when it comes to politically motivated events.

The mainstream media is key to understanding false-flags. Look for huge overplayed 'Breaking News'. This type of news is extremely sensational and is ongoing. Stories are repeated and told by various mouthpieces in almost exactly the same way. Early on, the controlled mainstream media finds itself in a battle for laying out the initial narrative. They (the media) find themselves making gross errors, but government steps in and declares the changing narratives within the first few days even if the story is contradictory to what was being said the first day. During this early period it is common to hear large segments of truth coming especially from local media networks struggling to figure out what is happening but having to depend on the highest level (government controlled) sources.

During the coverage of the event, look for media to sensationalize the emotional trauma portion of the event in a manner that engages the public and invokes a mass emotional response. Nowadays they specifically target the emotions of the masses to open them up to accepting a soon-to-be-delivered solution (Problem-Reaction-Solution) to the false-flag attack.

The media coverage of this specific event will supersede coverage of any other tragedy or event. No matter what else is happening, government does not allow other events to get in the way of their planned false-flags. Too much has been invested to get the reaction and subsequent politically motivated solution to come. This is an important observation to make in identifying government false-flags.

The controlled mainstream media will always ignore huge facts, testimonies, and figures surrounding the event. Look for the 'ignore reality and facts' mode the media goes into when working with a false-flag event. Questions are very vague and not too challenging to the official story. In this phase look for politicians, police chiefs, mayors and media running from the real questions.

Note that in some cases you'll be able to observe other huge (9/11 size) coincidences, but not all false-flags will be as easy to diagnose as the September 11th global government terrorist attacks. Many will be smaller scale and the scene of the crime will be limited to one instead of three.

Step 6 - Convince yourself and look for the evidence

Challenge yourself by telling yourself that you are willing to believe the government-mainstream media version of the story. Tell yourself that as long as the media version of the story is provable you are willing to believe only their version of the story. Then set out to prove the government-media claims. Get focused and go to work. Pick up every claim and set out to actually prove their claims. You'll quickly find out that media and government actually never submit or put out any proof for their claims. Stay focused and prove this to yourself. Notice how they run from truth, reason and actual proof. You will hopefully finally distinguish between a claim and actual factual proof. Once you see this reality you'll never go back. You are now ready to take on the establishment and become a ninja for truth.

Step 7 - Cementing the lies

Finally, after the false-flag is over and time begins to pass, the government-media complex will settle on one story. Facts and figures detrimental to their version of the story are never raised again, and those who question their version of the story are demonized and ridiculed. After this initial phase, Hollywood picks up the baton and reinforces the government-media version of the story from this point on.

Step 8 - Get ready to catch your first real-time false-flag

Beware, handle with care, and proceed slowly. The experience of catching your first government false-flag in real-time can be very distressing yet very liberating at the same time. My first real-time false-flag was the Bin Laden death hoax of May 1st 2011 and it felt very troubling yet very liberating. It was like a mental jolt, an awakening years after already being awakened.

This topic deserves a lot of attention and in this article we've discussed a sequence of factors that come into play for identifying government false-flags. Realizing the magnitude of what is at stake, the power of the mainstream media, the improbability of government and media claims and coincidences including governments connection to their patsies are all part of the government false-flag blueprint.

Will you allow this pattern of deception to work on you again? Or will you be prepared to call out the government on the next bombing false-flag? Are you still connected to the mainstream media poison? Is all of this a challenge to your paradigm? These are the fundamental questions you have to resolve before you can stand tall and know that you've caught your first government false-flag. Good luck, and remember: the greatest mind altering drug is the truth.


Lets see the electric company "smart meter" this sucker;-)))))  bruce

MedicalConspiracies- Real agenda of ACLU exposed at last

aclu:  "god", we declare war on you !

GOD:  " ZAP !!!!! "


The  remaining  forwarded  message  was  incinerated;-)))))

On a related note, ubama signed an eo, declarring drone strikes on GOD;-))))) 

An anonymous source within "THE  PEARLY  GATES", states that GOD is

preparing "A  SPECIAL  RESPONSE".  allah could not be reached for comment;-)))))


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From: WND <>
To: Bruce Chesley <>
Subject: Real agenda of ACLU exposed at last
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 16:53:58 +0200 (CEST)

MedicalConspiracies- The CARDIOLOGIST'S FUNERAL

 Then, there's the proctologist;-)))))  bruce

This would be an acceptable reason to laugh at a funeral...

A very prestigious cardiologist died, and was given a very elaborate funeral by the hospital where he had worked for most of his life.
A huge heart, covered in flowers stood behind the casket during the service as all the doctors from the hospital sat in awe. Following the eulogy, the heart opened, and the casket rolled inside. The heart then closed, sealing the doctor in the beautiful heart forever.

At that point, one of the mourners just burst into laughter. When all eyes stared at him, he said, "I'm so sorry... I was just thinking of my own funeral… I'm a gynecologist."

Sunday, April 28, 2013

MedicalConspiracies- Fw: Will U.S. Troops Fire On American Citizens?

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Will U.S. Troops Fire On American Citizens?

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MedicalConspiracies- Fw: Nestle CEO in authoritarian "water control" corporate video

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From: Loretta Weston <>
Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2013 1:13 PM
Subject: Nestle CEO in authoritarian "water control" corporate video

Like food on the grocery shelves, too often we take for granted the availability of potable drinking water.  This film is an eye-opener as to the importance of self-reliance when it comes to drinking water availability.  ~Loretta

NaturalNews Insider Alert ( ) email newsletter
Dear NaturalNews readers,
Nestle doesn't get near enough credit for being almost as evil as Monsanto.
But if you'd like to see the kind of anti-humanitarian monsters who run the Nestle corporation, check out this shocking video featuring a Nestle CEO in a Nazi-style rant about the need for "water control" so that the people of the world have to pay corporations for their water:
Here's how to beat depression without using prescription drugs!
Government conducts armed raid on a couple from Kansas for buying hydroponic equipment to grow vegetables!
Obamacare is headed for collapse: Here's why there won't be enough doctors to maintain the "sick care" fiasco:
Sponsor: Warning: Never eat this type of yogurt - 3 problems found with yogurt. 
Sponsor: Is "silent inflammation" sabotaging your health? Get the natural solution. Priced as low as $19.95.   
Sponsor: Clinically Proven Homeopathic Formula supports metabolism & maximizes fat burn -
Nestle CEO seeks to control the world's water supply
(NaturalNews) Gun control may be a hot topic, but what about water control? Recent comments from Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck imply that the world's water will soon come under the control of corporations like his. Brabeck makes the astonishing claim that...

Kansas couple illegally raided by heavily-armed government agents for purchasing hydroponic garden equipment
(NaturalNews) An aggressive war on drugs initiative in America's heartland recently crossed the legal threshold in a major way, prompting one Kansas couple to fight back against this unprovoked tyranny with a lawsuit. Adlynn and Robert Harte of Leawood...

There won't be enough doctors to run Obama's disease management system
(NaturalNews) Millions of Americans have somehow been hoodwinked into the delusion that, once "Obamacare" is fully implemented in 2014, high-quality healthcare will be available for everyone, and the world will live happily ever after. But the truth of...

How to control your appetite for junk food
(NaturalNews) With the presence of fast food chains, stands that sell hotdogs, pizza, cupcakes, and so on, it is understandable that many people find it difficult to avoid foods rich in sodium, sugar, and calories. For those whose diets are being dominated...

How to beat depression without prescription drugs
(NaturalNews) If you suffer from frequent bouts of anxiety or depression, but are leery about the safety and effectiveness of taking antidepressant drugs -- and rightfully so, because these chemical "panaceas" do not even work (...

What the soda pop industry doesn't want you to know
(NaturalNews) MarketWatch detailed "10 things the soda business won't tell you" related to the soda pop industry. Most is bad news for pop drinkers. Soda, like beer, for many is an acquired taste. It is something people have to get used to,...

Complexity of Obamacare mandate 'beyond comprehension' warns one of its key architects
(NaturalNews) A key architect behind the crafting of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is getting nervous about the current status of its implementation. According to a recent report by the Washington Examiner, Senator Jay...

Colorado Sheriffs sue state government over illegal gun control laws
(NaturalNews) The vast majority of legal action aimed at countering gun control legislation has occurred on the federal level, but a group of Colorado sheriffs are keeping their disagreement local, instead suing their own state over its recent passage...

Reality is a psyop
(NaturalNews) Jack True was one of the most innovative hypnotherapists of our time. Largely unknown in academic circles, uninterested in publishing his work, Jack focused on his patients. We met in 1987. We became friends and colleagues. Over the course...

Diabetes skyrockets across America as Big Pharma drugs fail yet again
(NaturalNews) Despite steady increases in medication usage rates for preventing and treating the condition, Type II diabetes is more prevalent than ever throughout the U.S., according to a new study released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control...

Nutritional approaches and diets safely cure mental illness
(NaturalNews) Safe nutritional approaches have proven to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of mental illness. These approaches include the use of omega-3s, B vitamins, and amino acids, along with changing to a nutrient dense diet of traditional...

Light drinking during pregnancy affects IQ in children
(NaturalNews) For several decades, consuming alcohol during pregnancy was considered a no-no. Many neurological studies on young children whose mothers were heavy drinkers helped derive a set of developmental and behavioral impairments known as fetal...

Want to increase your creativity? Hang out with a psychotic
(NaturalNews) If you ever want to increase your creativity, hang out with a psychotic. These lovable folks are some of the most interesting and creatively maladjusted people on earth. Enter their world and make your life interesting. Back in the early...

Obamacare causes huge decrease in job growth as employers aim to avoid penalties
(NaturalNews) As the nation gears up to usher in some of the first installments of Obamacare, job growth appears to be grinding to a halt, particularly within the small business sector, according to new reports. An expert economist analyzing the latest...

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