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MedicalConspiracies- Vibrant Energy: Self-Sabotage


Vibrant Energy

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September 30, 2011


Are the stresses of daily life getting you down?

Family pressures got you on the ropes?

Financial worries choking the life out of you?

Suffering with chronic pain?




Stop the stress!  Feel FREE again!


Hi Friends and family,


Do you try and fail, try and fail?  Do you wonder why others succeed and you don't?  Test yourself for your self-sabotage rating below.

" Self sabotage - the lurking vulnerability behind any plan for self-improvement. Success, goals, diets, relationships, personal discipline and more crumble in the face of self-sabotage like a building rigged with precision explosives."  (NaturalNews)


"Sabotaging our own success is so common that psychologists frequently explore why so many people wreck their relationships, careers and life-goals. We tend to undermine our own dreams chiefly in three ways.

A) Self-destructive behavior such as excessive and unwholesome involvement with alcohol, food, sex, or drugs.

B) Procrastinating by means of television, movies, or other entertainment or social activity.

C) Talking far too much about one's goals and dreams while doing far too little.


Social scientists have so far failed to explain why people sabotage their success but they did give it a name. They call it fear of success.


Here is a quick quiz.

1.  When good things happen to me I often refrain from telling others.

2. When a friend enjoys success, deep down I feel as if I've suffered a setback.
3. When things are going really well for me, I worry that something will happen to ruin it.
4. When friends complain about their problems, I feel guilty about my happiness.
5. I tend to be judgmental about people who look out for themselves.
6. I feel as if I'm being bothersome by asking anyone for help.
7. Instead of doing what I should do, I often procrastinate.
8. When someone important compliments me, I feel self-conscious.
9. Deep down, I believe that expecting a lot usually brings disappointment.
10. I often say "yes" or "okay" when I should say "no" or "I can't."


How many of these ten questions did you answer "yes"? That's your fear of success index on the scale of one to ten."

From SABOTAGING SUCCESS By Rabbi Daniel Lapin  


Psychiatry has a name for it, too.  It's called psychological reversal.  We desire a certain change in our lives, and we really truly want it, but somehow we never make it.  We can't follow our diet.  We can't stop smoking.  We can't get into that exercise program.  We want it.  We know we need it, but we're stuck.  Pretty soon we are eating chocolate cake and cookies or buying another pack of cigarettes…and we have failed again.


Self-sabotage is a function of our subconscious mind.  The subconscious has certain tasks to perform, and one of its jobs is to protect us, based on our history.  It records our history every day of our lives, and when we make a decision about our future, it scans our history for points of reference.  If we have attracted bad people into our life because we looked good and got unwanted attention, it might internalize that as "eat more to become less attractive" which produces protection from unwanted attention.  If we decide to quit smoking, it may record that in the past we've used smoking as a stress reliever or as a necessity to socialize with friends, so it decides that habit has to stay.  Of course, both of these examples are over-simplifications of the problems we face when we want change.  There are usually several to many reasons our subconscious will self-sabotage any particular issue.


The wonderful news is that you can stop self-sabotage immediately by recognizing it and using this wonderfully simple technique to control the subconscious' bad past programming.   If you don't, it will control your behavior, until it is changed.  Much like hypnosis, which works so quickly because the hypnotist goes directly to your subconscious mind, this technique also goes directly to the subconscious and makes immediate changes.  And you do it for yourself.  You decide what to change and you make the change right there.  No need for someone else to do it for you.  


Go to my website and read the testimonies and the blog.  There is wonderful help available, no matter how long you have been self-sabotaging.  If you don't change it, your life won't see the changes you truly desire.  Will Power just isn't enough.   


Love and blessings,


Jan Slama

Vibrant Energy

Change your energy, change your life!

Your Source for MMS, Diatomaceous Earth and Lugol's 5% Iodine.


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GREAT NEWS:  This exciting technique was recently featured on Dr. Oz's morning show. He brought in a doctor to demonstrate it to the audience. The doctor told Dr. Oz that he uses this technique daily in his practice.


Dr. OZ on energy medicine: On a recent Oprah show, Dr. Mehmet Oz, a noted NY surgeon and health care advocate, sited energy medicine as the medicine of the future. Quoting from Dr. Oz, "The reason I'm so excited and passionate about alternative medicine is (because it is) the globalization of medicine.  "Alternative medicines, Dr. Oz noted, "deal with the body's energy, something that traditional Western medicine generally does not recognize.  We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine. It's not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It's not the chemistry of our body. It is understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel."



MMSWe are a supplier of Miracle Mineral Supplement (recently renamed Master Mineral Supplement).  Not a mineral at all, but a form of activated oxygen which lasts up to 12 hours in your system.  It is nature's antibiotic.  It destroys ONLY the BAD bacteria, viruses and fungi which attack your body.  Unlike the doctors antibiotics which kill only bacteria—not fungi or viruses, but then kills ALL bacteria, which means you are losing even the good bacteria necessary for your digestion and health.  MMS kills only the pathogens which don't match your body's pH Factor, so it only kills the bad, never the beneficial organisms we need.  You can find more info, testimonies and prices.

Diatomaceous Earth:  Consisting of 14 different life-giving minerals, including predominantly silica, of which we rarely receive a sufficient supply because of the current farming practices and GMO crops.  This powder can be mixed into water or juice as it has little flavor of its own.  It provides basic building blocks for your cells, and creates wonderful energy.  Not the buzzy energy such as coffee provides, but sustained strength and vitality.  You can feel the difference.  Good for your pets, too and great for gardening.  It has many wonderful uses.

LUGOL'S 5% IODINEBecause of the ongoing radiation releases from Fukushima reactors, and the fact that the whole northern hemisphere of the globe is now being continuously radiated, we anticipated the need to provide this for our family.  Others began asking, so we now offer it for all.  Since this Radiation will go on for YEARS, and we will all need to be protected, we are now offering this life giving nutrient, which is especially important in protecting against cancers and radiation.  I recently read that women who get breast cancer and men who get prostate cancer are almost always iodine deficient.  Lugol's Iodine settles in your thyroid, protecting it from the radioactive iodine that is being carried on the winds from Japan throughout the world.


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We owe our wonderful men and women who are now serving or have ever served in the military a huge debt of gratitude.  If you are suffering from Post Traumatic stress, Gulf War Syndrome or similar military duty related maladies, injuries or injection reactions, or you suspect that these are the problems, I want to help you be free of those debilitating issues.  Just mention that you are serving or have served.  Let me show you how to quiet and relax your jangled nerves!  After the initial three lessons free, you will receive a reduced rate for as long as you need the guidance and instruction.  This reduced rate offer includes military spouses and their underage children living in their home.




You'll be surprised at the peace this simple energy healing technique can bring,

and you can learn to do it for yourself, anytime, anywhere, in just a few minutes.


So simple a child can (and has!) used it effectively.


Please don't give up hope.  Don't give in to the "Why Bother" syndrome!  The stresses in your life can be dismissed in a few minutes.


Why struggle day after day with the same old problems, which only cause stress and worry and fear -- which wrecks havoc with your heart and blood pressure, when with just a few minutes with this technique can bring you results beyond imagining!  WAY better and so much faster than Yoga or Hypnosis or Acupuncture or any of the conventional therapies.  Much simpler.  Pain FREE.  And with lasting results.


This simple technique involves no drugs or supplements, no counseling, no painful rehashing of traumatic past events, no forcing yourself to "be brave and face your fears!"


Yet, it has consistently demonstrated that it can bring personal peace to those suffering from stress and anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, and even chronic pain!  Results are, across the board, impressive and highly rewarding to the sufferers of these debilitating problems.


Check out the web page and then call me or email me for your appointment.  You can use this wonderful technique every day of your life to relax your stresses and calm your jangled brain and nerves.


Life can be joyous again!



DISCLOSURE: ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS EMAIL IS NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS MEDICAL ADVICE.  Any information herein is for educational purpose only; it may be news related, purely speculation or SOMEONE'S OPINION.  The FDA has not evaluated or approved any of the products or supplement or information provided.  Always consult with a qualified Medical Doctor before deciding on any course of treatment, especially for serious or life-threatening illnesses.



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Thank you.





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