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MedicalConspiracies- Flashes of light in the eyes may be:

Deficiency & Peripheral Vision


MedicalConspiracies- NBC News Confirms...Earth Pole IS Shifting

NBC News Confirms...Earth Pole IS Shifting

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MedicalConspiracies- TV News : Police Report Of A Huge UFO (OT)

TV News : Police Report Of A Huge UFO

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MedicalConspiracies- Merrick Pet Food Recalls Jr. Texas Taffy Treats due to Salmonella

Merrick Pet Food Recalls Jr. Texas Taffy Treats due to Salmonella

—Certain pet treats distributed nationwide under the name Jr. Texas Taffy because they have the potential to be contaminated with salmonella. No illnesses have been reported, according to the manufacturer, Merrick Pet Care Inc. of Amarillo, Texas.

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MedicalConspiracies- Must read: Updated List Of Animal Die-Offs

Updated List Of Animal Die-Offs
They missed thousands of fish washed up on Northand, New Zealand beaches  in NZ Herald June 9th 2010. Also seals and stingrays washed up with them. 
 Article with pic here.

Ministry probes dead fish mystery

By Caitlin Duggan
 Jun 9, 2010
They didn't get this one either for Jan 5 2011..

Hundreds of snapper dead on beaches in NZ

 Jan 5, 2011
ducq iapetus


Here's your list of 60+ of the recent animal die-offs.  I didn't include the honeybees, earthworms, or most insect life, as they're a subject all by themselves.  I also skipped most frog die-offs.  Of course, everything in the Gulf of Mexico is dying; i skipped that entirely.  The media's explanations in red are there primarily for your amusement.  Nor am i at this time going to give my own thoughts as to the cause(s), as many people have studied this subject all their lives and have put very good information out.  The references are as close as i could find to the original news releases; often this simply was not possible in the time allotted.  Note that most of these have occurred in the last month.


1/25/11  Dead herrings wash ashore on two beaches in Cedar, Canada...
"Sea lions were eating holes in the nets."

1/23/11  75 dead starlings found in a 12-foot square in Somerset village of Croxley, UK
"They were flying away from a Sparrow Hawk and hit the ground."

1/22/11  Hundreds of penguins dying near Wellington at Banks Peninsula, NZ
"It got too cold for them."

1/22/11  Hundreds of Eider Ducks found dead in Norway.
"No idea."

1/21/11  10,000 cattle and and buffalo die in Vietnam.
"It got too cold for them too."

1/21/11  Dozens of dead blackbirdsmallards and magpies have been found along the banks of the Xiaojing River, near Beijing.
"They suddenly died of starvation."

1/20/11 55 buffalo die mysteriously on southern Cayuga County farm, NY
"They got thirsty."

1/20/11  Hundreds of birds found dead in Yankton, South Dakota "The USDA says We had to poison them.  Honest.  They were pooping in feedlots for farms."

1/20/11  Hundreds of dead birds found dead under trees in Dacono, Colorado.
"We'll look into it.  Maybe the poles shifted."

1/18/11  200 Cows found dead 
on a farm in Portage County, Wisconsin.
"They caught pneumonia."

1/17/11  Hundreds of dead seals in Labrador.
"They had too many pups."

Hundreds of Eastern brown pelicans, some with missing wings and frostbite dead off Jacksonville, FL
"It got cold."

1/17/11  Hundreds of crows are once again dying off in Romania.
"Cold and alcoholic intoxication."

1/15/11  1000's of dead 
Menhaden Fish die-off on Folly Beach, South Carolina
"They got cold."

1/14/11  Mass fish die-off in the Iranian section of the Caspian Sea.
"Testing of biological weapons."

1/13/11  Hundreds of grackles (blackbirds) found dead 
on the side of the I-65 highway in Alabama.
"A truck hit them."

1/12/11  Millions of crickets being raised for pets wiped out in Port Allen, Louisiana.
"It's a virus."

1/11/11  Hundreds of European Starlings found dead on the side of the I-101 highway in Sonoma County, California.
"A truck hit them."

1/11/11  Thousands of gizzard shad die off on Chicago lakefront.
"They got cold."

Thousands of dead fish found floating in the Yamuna river in India

1/10/11  Dead birds along roads in Holland.
"Them poles are shifting."

1/10/11  Dozens of dead starlings in the 
the county Karacabey in Bursa province of Turkey.
"A truck hit them."

1/9/11  Three dozen starlings near a US base in Romania
"Maybe they were poisoned."

1/9/11  Dozens of starlings found dead in Jefferson County, Missouri.
"It got cold."

1/8/11  8000 turtledoves drop from the sky dead in 
Faenza, Italy.
"They ate too many sunflower seeds."

80 pigeons die at a farm near Quebec City, Canada.
"Beat us.  But it's not related to what's happening in the U.S."

1/6/11  Birds of prey falling out of the sky in China.
"Magnetic fields and global warming."

1/6/11  40,000 dead crabs wash ashore on England beaches.
"It got cold."

1/5/11  50 dead jackdaws found dead in 
Falkoping, Sweden
"Darned fireworks again."

Dead American Coot birds spotted on the Hwy 155 bridge near Ore City
"They got hit by cars."

1/5/11  Dozens of dead birds found in Marion, Illinois.
"They live on the New Madrid Fault Zone." (?)

1/5/11 100's of dead birds found in Western Kentucky.
"Weather or another natural event."

1/4/11  500 dead birds fall from the sky in Louisiana.
"It's all that darned lightning, hail, and fireworks."

Thousands of dead fish found along Spruce Creek, Florida.
"They swam into the shallows, then they got cold."

1/4/11  100's of tons of dead fish off the coast of Brazil
"Algae ate up all their oxygen."

1/4/11  10,000's of dead birds in Manitoba, Canada,000s_of_Birds_found_dead_in_Manitoba.html
"They got sick."

1/4/11  100's of dead Shad in Sarnia, Ontario.
"They got warm, then cold."

1/4/11  100's of Snapper fish in New Zealand
"Someone dumped them there."

100's of fish  found dead in a brook running through a Peterborough beauty spot, UK.
"Might be a factory upstream.  Or maybe it got cold."

1/3/11  Dozens of Redwing Blackbirds found by woman in Kentucky.
"Winter stress."

1/3/11  Dead birds of prey at the roadside in Germany.
"Vott vould ve know about dem?"

Discovery of several dead migratory birds in Japan.
"They got bird flu."

1/3/11  100,000 dead Drumfish 
wash up along a 17-mile stretch of the Arkansas River.
"They got sick."

1/3/11  1000's of dead octopuses wash up on Portugal beaches.
"Beat us.  But don't eat them."

1/3/11  Tens of thousands of small fish die in the Chesapeake Bay.
"The forgot to swim to where it was warmer.  They got cold."

1/2/11  1000's of Redwing Blackbirds fall from the sky in Bebee, Arkansas.
"It's all that darned lightning, hail, and fireworks."

Hundreds of dead fish found in canal marina near Abergavenny, Wales
"It got cold."

12/31/10  Unusual fish kill found in Annapolis, Maryland.
"It got cold."

12/31/10  150 tons of tilapias died in fish farms in Vietnam.
"They couldn't breath."

12/28/10  70 bats found dead in Tuscon, Arizona
"They forgot to migrate."

12/26/10  Thousands of dead fish in lake 
Azuei, Haiti
"Could be water poisoning."

12/25/10  2 miles of beach full of fishclams, and crabs on a Scarborough beach in Italy.
"Too many factories around."

12/23/10  1000's of starfish and jellyfish wash up on Palms Beach in South Carolina.
"They got cold."

12/20/10 and 11/22/10  Mutilated pelicans washing up at Topsail Island, North Carolina "Someone fishermen are killing them."

1000's of dead fish found floating on the surface of a small lake inside Sydney Airport
"Beats us."

12/17/10  Dead fish wash up on Washington Beach Park in Michigan City, Indiana
"We had a storm."

7/15/10  Millions of shellfish beaching daily on Pakistan beaches, and beaching dolphins.
"The world is changing."

5/28/10  12,000 Saiga Antelope (1/4 of world population) in Kazakhstan.
"A strange white fog caused lung infection."

5/28/10  Millions of frogs swarm Greece.
"Earthquake coming?"

4/20/10  Locust swarm the size of Spain swarms Australia.
"The world is ending."

3/29/10  Largest Whale die-off on record.
"Must be algae."

11/6/09  50,000 starfish found on Irish beach.
"Musta been a storm."

MedicalConspiracies- Why You Can Now Kiss Organic Beef, Dairy and Many Vegetables Goodbye


Why You Can Now Kiss Organic Beef, Dairy and Many Vegetables Goodbye

The USDA ruled that farmers are now free to plant GE alfalfa, and USDA won't even keep track of who plants it where. The implications are huge.

January 28, 2011  |  


Monsanto has been trying for years to gain approval for its genetically modified Roundup-Ready alfalfa seed. On January 27, 2011, it finally got the green light in the form of "deregulation." This means that farmers are free to plant GE alfalfa, and the USDA won't even be keeping track of who plants it where. There will be no tracking, no notification system, and no responsibility on the part of Monsanto for any business that is lost as a result of the genetic contamination that is certain to result. If the ruling stands, we can kiss organic dairy and beef goodbye, and many organic vegetable growers will have to switch the cover crops they use on their fields.

The Center for Food Safety is planning on dragging the issue back to court, where the organization has a good track record in recent years against Monsanto, even in the notoriously business-friendly U.S. Supreme Court, which in June upheld a ban on the planting of Roundup-Ready alfalfa until the USDA drafts an environmental impact statement (EIS).

The EIS was dutifully drafted and released in December 2010. The document airs the concerns expressed by the vast majority of the 200,000-plus comments on GE alfalfa, yet somehow concludes: "...consumer preferences for organic over GE foods are influenced in part by ethical and environmental factors that are likely unrelated to minor unintended presence of GE content in feed crops."

That's quite a use of the word "likely": When the organic rules were drafted in 1997, Big Ag tried very, very hard to include GE products in organic-labeled foods. In response to this attempt, USDA received over 275,000 comments against GE in organics. It was the largest number of comments USDA had ever received on a single issue. How USDA managed to conclude that consumers of organic food are likely unconcerned by contamination of organic products is a mystery -- at least, until we recall that Tom Vilsack, Obama's agriculture boss, used to fly around in a Monsanto corporate jet while governor of Iowa. During that same period he was also named "Governor of the Year" by the Biotechnology Industry Council.

Another word in the above statement that bears scrutiny is "minor," as in "minor unintended presence of GE content in feed crops." While it may be true that the public may in fact be OK with a little "minor" genetic contamination, there's nothing minor about the threat posed by Roundup-Ready alfalfa.

Alfalfa is the main forage crop for dairy cows and one of the principle foods for beef cows, especially grass-fed cattle. Alfalfa is a perennial, easily lasting five years once planted. And it's bee-pollinated, which means each year, every non-GE alfalfa plant within five miles of every GE alfalfa plant will likely be contaminated by GE genes.

According to the Organic Consumers Association, "...the massive planting of a chemical and energy-intensive GE perennial crop, alfalfa [is] guaranteed to spread its mutant genes and seeds across the nation; guaranteed to contaminate the alfalfa fed to organic animals; guaranteed to lead to massive poisoning of farm workers and destruction of the essential soil food web by the toxic herbicide, Roundup; and guaranteed to produce Roundup-resistant superweeds that will require even more deadly herbicides such as 2,4 D to be sprayed on millions of acres of alfalfa across the U.S."

When Tom Vilsack was named Agriculture Secretary by President Obama in late 2008, sustainable food activists felt they had been duped. The appointment followed a flood of opposition that resulted in Vilsack's name being removed from Obama's shortlist of USDA chiefs. This rope-a-dope took the wind out of opposition sails, and foodies let down their guard and began optimistically ruminating on who should run the agency. Then, out of the blue, Vilsack was appointed. Two years into Obama's administration, he appears to embody Obama's centrist approach, praising organic foods out of one side of his mouth while supporting GE foods out of the other, as if the two are separate but equal.

But the deregulation of GE alfalfa throws the possibility of coexistence out the window. And if history is any guide, the victims of genetic contamination will not only have no legal recourse, but they will face being sued by Monsanto for illegal use of its patented genes.

The battle lines drawn on the issue of GE alfalfa highlight a fracture in the organic movement that could be described as between the "haves" (well-funded, politically connected groups and businesses that have forfeited their voices for the sake of politics and money) and the "have-nots" (small, grassroots groups and individuals, unbeholden, who speak their minds). The haves include Whole Foods and other major retailers of organic food, as well as producers like Organic Valley and Stonyfield Farms.

While the decision-makers in these companies may oppose GE food in their hearts, they've made the calculated business decision to cave on the issue in hopes of assurance that attempts at keeping GE alfalfa separate from non-GE alfalfa will be made. According to a January 24 statement from Whole Foods, "The policy set for GE alfalfa will most likely guide policies for other GE crops as well. True coexistence is a must."

Given that public sentiment is overwhelmingly against genetically engineered food, it's not surprising that the Monsantos and Forage Genetics of the world are against labeling. What's telling is that retailers like Whole Foods also oppose labeling foods that have GE ingredients. Instead, the company has thrown its weight behind the effort to label foods that do not contain GE ingredients. This may sound like the same thing, but as Norman Braksick, president of Monsanto subsidiary Asgrow Seed Co., once said, "If you put a label on genetically engineered food you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it."

The Organic Consumer Association asserts that two-thirds of Whole Foods' product line is not organic, which means they could be contaminated by GE genes. It's no surprise Whole Foods doesn't want to put what amounts to a skull and crossbones on two-thirds of its products. Kristina Hubbard, director of advocacy for the Organic Seed Alliance, says that while hers and other organic watchdog groups oppose GE alfalfa, it's important to remember that conventional farmers are also put at risk by the ruling. Via email she told me:

"We believe USDA's decision to deregulate alfalfa puts the integrity of organic and non-genetically engineered seed, and thus the integrity of organic food, at risk. While the media paints this as organic versus biotechnology, it's important to note that conventional producers, including exporters, also feel threatened by GE alfalfa. In fact, the lead plaintiff in the alfalfa lawsuit is a conventional seed producer. I represent organic interests at OSA, but I've noticed that more conventional stakeholders are standing up in opposition to GE alfalfa than any other GE crop type (i.e., corn, soy, etc.) that has been deregulated."

This is an important point, but while individual conventional farmers are among the victims of genetic contamination, the organic industry as a whole is threatened by USDA's deregulation of GE alfalfa.

By deregulating its first perennial crop, which happens to be a bee-pollinated plant that is the foundation for the organic dairy and beef industries, USDA is breaking ground that cannot be easily repaired. Widespread genetic contamination has for years been threatening to make the entire GE discussion mute, because once everything is contaminated there will be nothing pure left to protect. In the same way, GE alfalfa threatens to make the whole idea of organic mute. Or at the very least, finally bring about the biotech industry's long-desired change of the organic standards to include GE ingredients. Once non-GE crops become impossible to find, what choice will we have?

Ari LeVaux writes a syndicated weekly food column, Flash in the Pan.


MedicalConspiracies- HB1116 Hawaii creating new birth certificate without certifying parentage and birthplace

This is going to be great for anyone that wants to become a us citizen, so they can hold public office, just pay $100 and get a new birth certificate, is this how its going to work? I thought they had to be born in the us? This is very confusing?

Why Hawaii now wants to sell 'birth certificate'


Despite national press reports to the contrary, the Hawaii state legislature has no intention of releasing Barack Obama's long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate - not even for $100.

By introducing HB1116 into the Hawaii legislature last week, five Democrats are giving the impression they are willing to make Obama's long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate available to the public for a fee.

Instead, the plan is for the state of Hawaii to create a completely new document that will be carefully designed to carry the seal of the state of Hawaii without ever having to certify details of parentage and birthplace.

Read the latest now on



H.B. NO.





MedicalConspiracies- WHAT HIT THE PENTAGON ON 9/11 ??

"WHAT HIT THE PENTAGON ON 9/11 ?? is a short Jesse Vebtura video, added 1/30 as a weekend update, to the page of the Truth Quest website. Should we just accept the official version, and forget about it, as was done with Pearl Harbor ??  Best wishes,  Bob

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

MedicalConspiracies- Fake McDonald's Survey is Phishing Scam - PC MAG


Appriver has uncovered a tasty new "Fillet O' Phish": A survey scam purporting to be from "McDonald's Consulting."

The scam tries to get your personal information, including credit card account and mother's maiden name. It promises a $250 reward. It starts with an e-mail, pictured below (click it for a larger version), and leads to a succession of web pages.


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