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MedicalConspiracies- William Mount: Large Radiation Leak, Possible Meltdown - Norway

William Mount
Large Radiation Leak, Possible Meltdown - Norway
Thu Mar 9, 2017


There has been a large Radiation Leak form a Nuclear Reactor in Southern Norway last night in an area just South and East of their Capitol Oslo. Official Stories were that it was small and contained almost immediately.

Last night the Radiation Alarms went off all over the reactor and the Staff was immediately evacuated as it was confirmed that a “Neutron Flux†was going on inside the Nuclear Core.

What that means to us “Little People.†is that there were power fluxuations within the core.

The Employees stated that they had “Damaged Fuel’ inside the reactor - one or more rods had Melted Down.

Recently we have done stories on:

1) Fukushima Nuclear Melt Down and subsequent fire several days ago.

2) The Huge levels of Radiation found in central Long Island.

3) Large levels of Iodine 131 found all over Europe which could not have been caused by this reactor and was determined to be coming from an Oil and Natural Gas company testing for Gas Line Leaks - and they found them every where -- exposing their Contractors to large amounts of radioactive Iodine as they repaired the leaks.

4) A Nuclear Rod Melt Down that reached the layer of oil in Los Angeles releasing a steady cloud of Burnt Radioactive Oil being released all over Los Angeles as a Dark, dirty powder that is occurring even today.

However - this testing is ongoing and pummeling Europe with high levels of Radioactive Elements for long periods of time.

Now This.

Apparently the Nuclear Reactor in Halden, Norway also had a “Small Leak†on 24 October 2016 but failed to tell anyone about it.

So last night inside their Nuclear Core there has been detected a Neutron Flux and partial damage to several nuclear rods - leaving them cracked and raw Uranium leaking into the core itself. This kind of reaction usually leads to a Partial or Complete Nuclear Melt Down where Nuclear Material simply burns a hole in the bottom of the Reactor and just keep on going.

The China Syndrome -- where Nuclear Material melts into the core of the Earth and just keeps on going clear to China.

The Nuclear Plant was built in 1958 and was scheduled to close last year after another Nuclear Leak “Incident†but it just kept on going.

If this current “Incident†is not that serious then why did the reactor evacuate all of it’s staff???

Please take a look at the current wind patterns - these winds do not account for the high levels of radioactive materials that we now find in Spain and Poland near the Gas Lines.
So What Do We Do???

This leak will now be ongoing for the next 250,000 years. Period. The Fuel Rods have been broken and are leaking onto the core.

The problem is - all reactors are Government Subsidized and also sell their power and there is an awful lot of money changing hands to keep this Now Leaking reactor making power.

First - we knew at Hiroshima that eating Sea Weed eliminated the effects of walking into radioactive areas and actually reversed cancer.

Second - we learned at Chernoble that Potassium Iodide or Iodine causes cancer in these situations.

Third - We have learned over the last 28 years, thanks to the dumping of radiation all over Eastern Washington and Bonners Ferry Idaho by the Hanford Nuclear Reservation (For National Security) that the Surfactant from Kelp also eliminates cancer and this can be found in the product Immusist.

So be ready folks.


Seaweed is very inexpensive when purchased from Main Coast Sea Vegetables. We buy it by the pound for about $30 a pound for Triple Flake, although we both like the Dulse flakes as well.

Please pray that we move to non-polluting energy sources like the Tacheon Generators and Water Powered Motors very quickly and that those who are blocking this move are flattened for life.

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Dr William B. Mount

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