Sunday, March 19, 2017

MedicalConspiracies- Fwd: You have received a YouTube video!

The two hours to watch this? 'Will' change your perspectiveS. Part 2 
Changing Magnetic Frequencies 'Everywhere' and? Fukushima. Destroy Earth for a pay check! Fukashima info at the end of video that IS A MUST Hear, READ, and LEARN. 10 hot particles per breath? What's a hot particle? Watch all this and you 'will' get hot under the collar (you should).
There's more than you expect in this video. AND? This could be you in 'any one' of these videos. We're hearing less and less of extreme weather on the news but more of it on the net. Interesting, indeed. Need more proof to prepare for the unexpected weather soon coming your way?
Are you prepared? It's not 'IF,' anymore, 'IT'S' when. Know what to watch for, listen for and how to react to it so that you can help others not prepared. Extreme weather warnings, the new sign of the times. Be prepared with extra clothes, water, pile up on rice (yup), and noodles as bulkster stuff, dried goods, etc. Look into being prepared. Are you prepared for the power to go off during the worst cold months? Be prepared.
Extreme weather events.
So, if we can control the weather now... could insurance companies be partaking in controlling the weather to make more money?
Buy up land where one knows there will be a flood and sweep up the insurance?
Climate change is on the rise OR ARE WE DOING IT OURSELVES TO OURSELVES?
If we're pumping huge clouds into the air (and we are), we're only creating more moisture (water), for the planet to disperse in ways it never had to until 'we' started tossing up hundreds of pounds of cloud into the sky. (watch my videos' to find the machine).
For knowledge and education.
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