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MedicalConspiracies- About Colloidal Silver and Dogs

About Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is a suspension (or colloid) of either ionic and or nano size particles of 99.99% pure silver in distilled water. Colloidal silver is an effective wide spectrum antibiotic that disables the enzyme that all viruses, fungi and one-celled bacteria use to metabolize oxygen. Within a few minutes, the pathogen suffocates and dies, and is cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and elimination systems.


Colloidal Silver has been used in the treatment of dogs with ulcerative and infective skin conditions due to flea infestation, mange, dermatitis, as well any eye, ear, mouth or throat infections, cuts, wounds, bites, abscess, conjunctivitis, internal and external ulcers etc. It has been proven effective against canine parvo virus, feline leukemia, and ringworm.

Putting a small amount of colloidal silver in your dogs water not only will keep it clean but will also be very beneficial to your dogs health. (ensure the drinking bowl is not made of metal)

Colloidal Silver is already being used by many vets throughout the world to treat a variety of ailments with tremendous success including conjunctivitis, external open wounds, internal and external ulcers have all been treated using Colloidal Silver achieving quick healing results. Seedy toe (white line disease) of the foot, a growing problem in horses has been successfully treated with Colloidal Silver.

Used in Kennels, Catteries and Stables worldwide, Colloidal Silver used in a spray bottle helps to reduce the chance of cross infections occurring between animals.

Colloidal Silver has be used as an antiseptic in the treatment of: Abscesses, Infections, Scratches, Burns, Bites, Cuts and Wounds.

Colloidal Silver Benefits, Uses and Dosages for Dogs

Using Colloidal Silver for the treatment of Antimicrobial problems is reported to be the most effective antibacterial treatments available.

For common eye problems, soak a cotton pad and use to wipe eyes, use a separate pad for each eye. If your dog is prone to eye infections, bathe them everyday as a prevention.

Mix a few drops into dog shampoo to keep their coats free from parasites.

Spray directly onto any wounds, cuts or scratches. Repeat every few hours for the first day then twice a day until healed. The antiseptic power of colloidal silver may help with the healing but most importantly will stop the wound becoming infected.

Spray directly onto tick and flea bits, to help to stop infection and aids the healing process.

Put a few drops into their drinking bowl or food to help keep infections at bay and may help to maintain a healthy immune system. Avoid using a metal bowl as this will affect the effectiveness of the Colloidal Silver.

Spray the dogs bedding and let it dry to eliminate odours. If washing the bedding add a 10ml of colloidal silver to the last rinse.


  • Anti-Viral
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Odour


Dog Health Issues

Cataracts: Apply 1 drop of Colloidal Silver in each affected eye, twice daily for 2 weeks or longer. The cataract will start to fade in colour and treatments can stop once you can no longer see a cataract.

Cuts, Scrapes, Sores, Gashes or Skin Tears: Soak a gauze dressing pad with Colloidal Silver, tape or secure to affected area. Change dressing daily until healing is obvious. Continued use of the Colloidal will minimize scarring.

Cysts: First and foremost it is always advisable to have your Vet remove one to be tested for cancer. Assuming the cyst is benign spray each cyst with Colloidal Silver twice daily. Eventually it will turn a dark black colour and burst and will look like dried blood. Once it dries simply comb the remains out of the hair.

Ears / Hearing Loss: This can occur at any age for a variety of reasons. Use 1 drop of Colloidal Sliver in each ear twice daily, you should notice a hearing improvement after about 10 days. Try whistling or loudly calling the animals name. If the animal turns it's head towards you immediately that's your first sign of healing.

Ear Infections: Apply Colloidal Silver to a cotton pad and wipe inside and outside of the ear. Administer one drop of Colloidal Silver in each affected ear once in the morning and once at night for 7 to 10 days. (Increase dosage if necessary.) If the infection is in the inner ear continue treatment for 2 to 3 weeks. The Colloidal Silver will start working upon contact relieving any itching or burning sensations.

Eye Irritations/ Infections: Soothe eye irritations by wiping your dogs eyes with a soft cloth or cotton gauze moistened with Colloidal Silver.

Mange: Spray the affected areas of the animal twice daily with Colloidal Silver. This will stop the itching pain immediately and start the healing process. The animal should be given Omega 3 capsules , one in the morning and one at night. This will work the quickest however salmon oil or cod liver oil will also work. The oil will put back and help to rebuild the natural balance of oils in the skin

Stomach or Digestive Problems: Using a plastic syringe squirt Colloidal Silver in the mouth, morning and night until the symptoms subside.

Skin Infections: Spray Colloidal Silver on the affected area twice daily for 7 to 10 days. Making sure that you allow the Colloidal Silver to air dry before your dog has a chance to lick it off.

Teeth: Inflamed gums and or excessive plaque. Brush the teeth once daily with Colloidal Silver to eliminate any gum disease and bacteria that causes plaque and bad breath. Prior to feeding dip a new toothbrush into some Colloidal Silver and brush the teeth and gums. Brush teeth at least 30 minutes before feeding.

 Suggested Maintenance Dosage for Dogs

  • Small: 2.5ml daily
  • Medium: 5ml daily
  • Large: 7.5ml daily
  • Extra Large: 10ml daily

 Suggested Dosage for unwell Dogs

  • Small: 2.5ml twice daily
  • Medium: 5ml twice daily
  • Large: 7.5ml twice daily
  • Extra Large: 10ml twice daily
The above dosages are based on using colloidal silver @ 10ppm.
Half dosage accordingly for puppies.

Preferably administered directly in the mouth or if this is a problem mix into the food and water

    Dogs who are being treated with conventional medication may also be administered colloidal silver as it does not interact with other medications.

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