Wednesday, January 18, 2017

MedicalConspiracies- Re: Research links asthma, (COPD) to hookworms and dust mites in lung disease

‎"Helminthic Therapy: How to put your Asthma, Colitis, IBD, Crohn's or Multiple Sclerosis into remission with hookworm.
Making this treatment more widely available
Travel to the tropics to infect oneself with hookworm is expensive, very dangerous and uncertain in outcome. It is as likely that one will return with malaria or some other horrible disease as it is that one will return with hookworm. Besides, if you visit a place like Cameroon you will be in constant state of fear of violence. That fear is more than justified. So, because I have gotten such good results and because the science behind it is so well-developed (see below) I wanted to make this therapy more easily available. For those who believe that they would benefit from helminthic therapy, but who do not want to undertake the expense and risk that I did in travelling to the tropics, I have started a clinic offering safe, sterile inoculation with hookworm. The hookworm larvae are extracted and purified using methods developed at British and Australian universities, methods they used to obtain larvae to inoculate their research subjects. You can visit my web site for that clinic hereAutoimmune Therapies
On a trip in the summer of 2004 to visit relatives in England, I learned of a BBC documentary about the connection between a variety of intestinal parasites and various autoimmune diseases. Visiting the BBC web site (go here to view the BBC article or go here to see the many articles on the same subject indexed and available through Google) I learned that not only did infestation with hookworm appear to cure (I use cure sometimes in this article where I should use remission because I find remission a clumsy word to incorporate into a sentence, and from my point of view my asthma has been cured. If it walks like a cure, looks like a cure and quacks like a cure, then...) hay fever and asthma but also IBD, Crohn's Disease and Colitis.‎
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