Sunday, January 1, 2017

MedicalConspiracies- Chemo is a killer

Chemo is a Killer

If people make it to 5 years after chemo, it's a huge celebration. 10
years is a miracle. The survival rate of chemo past the five year mark
is only 2.1% according to the journal, "Clinical Oncology†", confirmed
by other countless studies and reports. Over 97% of those receiving
conventional chemo therapies die within five years.

The Royal College of Radiologists conducted an extensive study reviewing
any and all published peer-reviewed clinical trials across the United
States involving the use of chemotherapy treatment from January 1990 to
January 2004. The combined total percentage of 5-year survival rates in
cancer patients treated with chemotherapy - covering 22 different types
of malignancies - was a mere 2.1%.

Read the study for yourself, which includes over 15 different types of

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