Monday, December 26, 2016

MedicalConspiracies- A Glass of This Vegetable Juice Causes Your Blood Pressure to Drop Within Hours

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protein bar
Finally... A Decadent Treat Without the Guilt

When you want to indulge but want to limit unhealthy carbs, what's left? These guilt-free, energy boosts are perfect for travel, before a workout, after school or just an afternoon pick-me-up. And best of all? Your taste buds will be humming...

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fermented beets                                                benefits
A Glass of This Vegetable Juice Causes Your Blood Pressure to Drop Within Hours

It's a potent substance, used for decades as a health tonic in Russia and Ukraine - and it sets off the same effect as a prescription nitrate, dilating and relaxing your blood vessels and improving blood flow. Very inexpensive, try it today.

impressive influence                                                of omega 3s on health
Omega-3s Have 230 Percent Return on Investment

Omega-3 fatty acids benefit your heart, your brain and, as studies now reveal, lower blood pressure in young adults and increase muscle strength in older women. While you can take supplements for these and many more advantages, krill oil is the most potent source of this essential nutrient. But krill is the main staple food for hundreds of animals. How sustainable is it for humans?

superfood red cabbage                                                sprouts
The Latest Superfood: Red Cabbage Sprouts

Ready to get your socks knocked off? Red cabbage sprouts contain 40 times more vitamin E and 6 times more vitamin C than the same veggie as a fully mature plant. As these two nutrients help prevent inflammation and infections like colds, perhaps learning how easy sprouting your own veggies can be to cash in on additional nutritional benefits makes sense.

Recommended Product
Organic Whole Bean                                                Coffee
Coffee That Both Wakes You Up and Helps You Sleep at Night

By enjoying this daily cup of java, you're not only helping to create a healthier environment, you're allowing farmers to build sustainable business practices that have a positive impact on their entire communities.

Spotlight of the Week

Meningitis Prevention: How to Stop This Devastating Disease

Meningitis is a preventable disease - here are some simple yet effective ways on how you can prevent meningitis.

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