Sunday, October 23, 2016

MedicalConspiracies- You Likely Use These Eye-Destroying Light Bulbs Not Realizing They're Linked to Blindness?

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You Likely Use These Eye-Destroying Light Bulbs Not Realizing They're Linked to Blindness?

Beware the hidden sight-stealing properties of this light. Hardly anyone realizes how risky it is, and I didn't either for the longest time. But now we know it sabotages your retina - disrupting eye repair and regeneration. It's linked to age-related macular degeneration and non-eye conditions. Don't risk it.

carrot cake protein                                                balls recipe
Healthful Carrot Cake Protein Balls

If you have a craving for carrot cake then you must try this healthy variation. The combination of high-quality ingredients makes this tasty treat a great snack and the perfect post-workout protein boost.

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Most Shared
The FDA and Big Pharma Are Too Cozy

After working to approve cancer drugs for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), many former FDA medical reviewers find work in a more lucrative industry - Big Pharma. What are the implications of these cozy connections on the state of public health?

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Fails Up to 90 Percent of the Time, yet Nearly Every Doctor Urges You to Get It

It seems no matter how poor its effectiveness is, the recommendations to 'do it' remain. But is it really the best way to protect yourself? Research tells a very different story - particularly if you take this drug.

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Perhaps the Most Toxic Clothes You Can Buy

When you wash these clothes, they can wreak havoc on waterways, fish and wildlife. And please don't use this type of machine when washing them - it releases about 530 percent more of these problematic fibers.

Top Pet Article
Top Pet Article
Your Dog Does This Every Day but What Is He Saying?

Scientists have been studying this daily doggie habit and they may have come to a far different conclusion than you'd expect. In fact, at least two other animals do this with far more clarity than dogs do. So why are scientists and dog owners apparently so far apart on this issue?

Top Fitness Article
Top Fitness Article
Basic Yoga Moves to Improve Balance, Mood and Flexibility

Research shows that practicing yoga can strengthen core muscles throughout your body, making you stronger, more flexible and in a matter of a few weeks, help you begin developing a fresher outlook. Yoga has proved in many cases to be better than aerobic exercise in regard to improving your brain function and sleep patterns, easing depression and headaches - even boosting your sex life.

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