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MedicalConspiracies- National Geographic Documentary - UFO The Real Deal - Alien [Secret Revealed] Full Documentary (OT)

National Geographic Documentary - UFO The Real Deal - Alien [Secret Revealed] Full Documentary

Published on Aug 3, 2016

UFO The Real Deal Alien [Secret Revealed]
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Things You Might Not Know About 'Aliens'
The movie, not the guy. Based on the strength of his script for The Terminator (then in pre-production), James Cameron was approached by 20th Century Fox to write an Alien sequel. But the outline he came up with for Alien II got a lukewarm reaction at Fox, and the idea was put on hold for the time being. Then, as luck would have it, the start date for The Terminator was pushed back nine months so that Arnold Schwarzenegger could make Conan the Destroyer, the sequel to his 1982 hit (in which Conan had been merely a Barbarian). This extra three-quarters of a year gave Cameron time to write three-quarters of a full screenplay for Alien II, not just an outline. (He also co-wrote Rambo: First Blood Part II during this time, by the way.) The Fox bosses liked what they read. Cameron was told that if The Terminator proved successful, he could write and direct the Alien sequel.
Why did it take seven years to get a sequel made? Lawyers and money, of course. Talk of a sequel began shortly after the original Alien (1979) was a hit, but it was delayed because of a dispute between the film's producers and 20th Century Fox over the distribution of the original movie's profits. Fox, reluctant to make a sequel because it would be expensive, finally agreed to it as a way of settling the beef with the producers—basically, "We won't give you any more of the first movie's profits, but we'll greenlight a sequel, and you can make money from that." (Amusingly, the same producers plus Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd sued Fox again after Aliens, claiming the studio had used "creative accounting" techniques to avoid paying them.)
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