Looking for good bread – white, fuzzy, soft, golden crispy crust. If may also smell like the one your grandmother interfered in the childhood. In any bakery or bakery in the country will say: "There is no problem! See our stores – they are filled with mouth-watering breads. With kim, seeded with rye… "

But can they withstand these breads to the next day without completely dry and crumble, to retain the flavor and aroma? As those in rural bakeries. No! Because it is no secret that modern bread is a mix of low quality wheat flour from GMOs, chemical additives, preservatives, insidious E's for a nice rig, emulsifiers – in them can be found the whole periodic table.

Therefore, obese people suffer from allergies and have poor skin and farmers are using to many pesticides in soil. From here arise many diseases, for which nobody tells.

The flour

According to the famous American cardiologist Dr. William Davis of Washington, modern genetically modified wheat – the main ingredient of bread is "perfect chronic poison." But nobody informed us that greedy for higher yields farmers foist us exactly this.

Most dangerous it is gliadin – this is not gluten, but a new protein, which is actually an opiate. It affects receptors of the brain, which in turn stimulate the appetite. Dr. Davis says that this is one of the main reasons for the massive obesity. It is estimated that GM wheat is forcing us to eat at least 440 calories more a day, and that 365 days a year.

Yes, nobody stop us to substitute the harmful white bread with whole-grain black. However, this is like stop smoking and to go on those with filter, said Dr. Davis. He recommends the wheat to be replaced with spelled – ancestor of the wheat, but this is unlikely to happen.

White or black?

People commonly caused problems with digestion of additives in bread. If it is quality, should help peristalsis and is very valuable for its proper working for the elimination of toxins from the body. But it is not.

More and more doctors recommend black bread as far more useful than white. According to the researchers from California, if you eat five slices of white bread per day, the risk to get sick from cancer increased twice.

But the problem is with what flour is implicated the recommended black bread?

Another illusion is that we are talking about quality, because pure good wheat is already scarce in the world.

For dark and wholegrain flour using a low quality.

More: very questionable whether in the world is sold normal black bread, because the real version should be made from malted rye – inadmissible luxury for many countries.

Already it is no secret that in order to bring the dark color of the bread factories and bakeries put the dough in different colors – stale in warehouses coffee, tea, chicory.

However, they are all too innocent to fear that irresponsible discharged into the dough so-called. "Black" bread, and it proved a few months ago a massive inspection of inspectors. In this case it comes to toxic E's, of which we continue to not pay attention.

More: during inspection in Germany had shown that 37% of black wholegrain flour for bread in Europe contained toxic pesticides glipizide. This pesticide is used to protect the seeds from weeds. But it remains in the flour.

The leaven

In the so-called factory bread they put leaven – harmful and toxic product containing thermophilic yeast.

The problem is that in the factories pushed into the the dough at least 4-6 times more yeast, plus vinegar and various other harmful additives. The dough rising sufficiently quickly. So they save time and produce more bread.

The entire production process of a bread factory is just one hour and 55 minutes. While true masters in small bakeries make it a wistful – for 22 hours. They activate the starter several times a day, sometimes put a little honey, which is a real catalyst of the process.

Our land is already tired of chemical fertilizers and herbicides. Our bread is strongly carbonless from the field. So our health starts from the field, not by health insurance.

The reason is that everything that we breathe, drink and eat (we can't without bread!) Accumulates in the human body as toxins and our body suffers. How to escape?

Maybe if we all support local production of healthy foods. But does it give us any guarantee that it will abandon brotherly friendship with sinister chemical factories?

I don't think so…

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Source: http://www.healthyfoodandhomeremedies.com