Tuesday, July 26, 2016

MedicalConspiracies- World's worst zoo? Sign to shut it down

At this zoo, animals are forced to live in prison-like conditions in a gigantic shopping mall.

Help Shut Down This Horrific Mall Zoo!

Dear Myra,

At the Grandview Aquarium, housed inside a mall in Guangzhou, China, the animals could hardly look worse. The exhibits, which are sad concrete simulations of habitat (and look more like painted basements), are dank and cramped, and the animals display extreme distress and malnutrition.

This zoo should not exist. Please sign the petition to shut down this awful place and send the animals to sanctuaries.

Care2 member Ayla started a petition when she read an article about this zoo. She writes:

"These poor animals will never see the light of day, never breathe fresh air, never be able to interact according to their nature, and are trapped with no stimuli whatsoever."

The zoo even has a two polar-brown bear hybrids who just appear to be always looking for a way out. Other exhibits include six young belugas, five young walruses, at least one wolf and a whale shark.

When we see animals in these kinds of horrible conditions, we need to speak out. Eventually we can live in a world where animals are not exploited in this way for human entertainment. Please sign the petition today.

Thank you,

  Emily L.
The Care2 Petitions Team


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