Friday, July 15, 2016

MedicalConspiracies- Man who dragged terrified dog behind his pick up truck for two miles is sent to prison

I wonder what happened to the puppies?


Man who dragged terrified dog behind his pick up truck for two miles is sent to prison for 10 years after animal charity helps track him down

  • Roger Owens was found guilty of animal cruelty and traffic violations
  • Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation nursed dog back to health
  • Abandoned pet recovered from horrific injuries and has been adopted

Sentenced: Roger Owens has been sent to prison for ten years after dragging a dog behind his truck

A South Carolina man has been jailed for ten years after dragging a dog for two miles behind his pick up truck at the end of last year.

Roger Owens was found guilty of ill treatment of animals and traffic violations after he tied the dog's front legs to his truck, and forced the scared animal to try to run on her hind legs as he sped off.

Thanks to the dedication of an animal charity, the dog was rescued and nursed back to health, and the man responsible for her injuries was brought to justice. 

Circuit Judge Letitia Verdin told Roger Owens his actions were one of the cruelest things she had ever seen as she sentenced him on Tuesday.

He was spotted driving erratically along a road while the terrified dog, which has since been named Andra Grace, tried to keep up.

The witnesses followed him and stayed with the dog one-year-old after he released the chain holding her and drove off.

Owens' lawyer told the judge that her client did care for animals, but was drinking and had not been thinking straight.

Thousands of animal lovers who heard about the plight of Andra Grace came forward to help pay for her vet bills, and have followed her story on a Facebook page.

Cruel: The dog, which has been named Andra Grace, survived her ordeal and was nursed back to health

Horrific: The one-year-old dog was left with appalling injuries after she was tied to a pick up truck and dragged for two miles

Survivor: Despite her terrifying ordeal Andra Grace has remained loving

An animal control officer had originally believed the dog, who had recently had a litter of puppies, would need to be euthanized, but the team at Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation(SNARR) stepped in.

Through donations they were able to pay for her leg surgeries and skin grafts, as well as to offer rewards to try to catch the person responsible.

The charity also tracked down and rehomed Andra Grace's five-week-old puppies and a terrier that had neck injuries and was living at the same property.

The dogs had originally been loved family pets, but when their owners moved they were unable to bring the dogs with them.

Suffering: As well as horrific leg injuries, Andra Grace was emaciated and had recently had a litter of puppies

Transformation: The dog is now happy and healthy, and living with a new family

Happy ending: Once she had recovered Andra Grace was adopted by a couple from Florida

They left the dogs in the care of some people in their neighborhood, but SNARR claimed that the animals were having to fend for themselves on an abandoned property.

According to the charity's Facebook page, neighbors claimed that when complaints were made about Andra Grace begging for food, two men were asked to 'get rid of her'.

Fortunately, Andra Grace has made a good recovery and, despite her ordeal, was soon found to be a sweet and good-natured dog.

After getting over the worst of her injuries, the dog was adopted by a family in Florida, where she is happily settling into her new home.

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