Tuesday, May 3, 2016

MedicalConspiracies- Here’s How You Can Change Your Body And Control Your Health Using Only Your Thoughts

Here's How You Can Change Your Body And Control Your Health Using Only Your Thoughts


I like to think of myself as fairly level-headed overall, and I know that it sounds incredible that you could theoretically be able to master your health by thinking only a certain way, but there's some evidence that it could be true.

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a world famous and recognized expert on cellular biology. Over the last few years, he's been giving talks about the biology of belief. He thinks he's on to a new truth: that our thoughts and beliefs can play a direct role in our biology, our cells, and the whole world too.

For starters, we have control over our hormones. We do it every day without even knowing it. Stress releases adrenalin, for example. But this can be coped with by breathing deeply. This is one of the more basic examples of how we can control our bodies. It demonstrates how we're able to control our situation and our hormones. But can it be done with all of them?


Our bodies are comprised of trillions of cells interacting and having an awesome time of it. There are unseen forces that bind our cells together, a sort of energy if you will, and our thoughts often impact our energy force. Have you ever noticed how in a heated argument, your whole being feels enraged? Like every muscle in your body?

There you go.

So how can we kind of trick our thoughts into doing what we want to with your bodies? What are some ways we can "hack" our own brains?

First, consider this: the brain can't always distinguish between imagined events and actual events. So if you were to imagine yourself getting into a fight, the brain reacts in a similar way as if you were actually getting into a fight. If you imagine yourself doing something awesome, your brain reacts the same way.

Additionally, you can use a repeated mantra or repeatedly write something in order to form a belief that can impact how chemicals and hormones are released into the body. Imagine saying 100 times a day, "Every day I go to the gym, I am so happy." Wouldn't you think it'd be true eventually?

Interesting stuff, huh?

Some studies you can check out regarding this:

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