Did you know science has now discovered that time is an illusion?

We accept the clocks and calendars as representations of our lives.

But linear existence expresses only a fraction of information about the multi-dimensional world of atomic-time.

Yakir Aharonov, regarded as the world's leading quantum theorist, dived into the atomic nature of time in a paper submitted to  Nature Physics back in 2012.

Within the article, Yakir leads us down into the real world of atomic time… which can barely be called "time" at all.

Since then,  other experiments show even more of the multi-dimensional workings of atomic "time".

Basic Quantum Truths

In order to really get down and dirty in the quantum world, there are basic quantum truths we need to know.

To understand these truths, there is an experiment that has gotten popular attention in recent years.  It shows the unpredictable behavior of atoms, and how the atoms maintain an irregular and random pattern … that is, until they interact with humans, (which the experiment calls "the observer").