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MedicalConspiracies- British Petition to ban aspartame from medications: Plus: Scope maker Olympus sought price hike amid superbug outbreak

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Subject: [Health_and_Healing] British Petition to ban aspartame from medications: Plus: Scope maker Olympus sought price hike amid superbug outbreak
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2016 14:06:34 -0400
From: 'Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum.' [Health_and_Healing] <>    This is the petition only for British or UK Citizens to sign.

When I was in the hospital I was given aspartame drugs and stopped breathing at least three times and broke out in urticaria (hives)..  Recently, I was back in the hospital thinking I had pneumonia again but it turned out to be due to a hernia.  I explained to the physician the last time they even gave me more aspartame drugs.  This physician took the time to go through all the gastrointestinal drugs and said, "Every single generic drug that is gastrointestinal we could give you has aspartame in it. You'll have to contact your surgeon to fix the hernia."   Now I understand the outrage of Dr. H. J. Roberts who wrote the medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic",  He said. "Aspartame triggers all these gastrointestinal problems and the drugs used to treat the problems have aspartame in them, and this is outrageous!" 

Here are the articles I've written in the past on these hospital problems to save others from going through what I did: and About the scopes:

And now UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center tries to get Olympus to loan them some temporary scopes that won't cause E. coli and they arrogantly raise the price: 

Scope maker Olympus sought price hike amid superbug outbreak

Los Angeles Times | March 25, 2016 | 5:02 AM

Soon after doctors at UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center traced deadly infections to tainted medical scopes last year, they pressed the device maker to lend them replacements.

But Olympus Corp. refused. Instead, the Tokyo company offered to sell UCLA 35 new scopes for $1.2 million ­ a 28% increase in price from what it charged the university just months earlier, according to university emails obtained from a public-records request.

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Somebody has got to put a stop to this.  The Tokyo company has absolutely no concern about the thousands or more that have been killed by deadly infections from the scope.  The FDA (Food and Death Assoc) have already tried to cover the blood bath up by removing the names of the hospitals so the outbreak can't be traced.  I wonder how employees of the FDA would feel in a hospital being told they might not survive because of infections from scopes they have known all along caused these superbugs in the blood.

Here are articles and drug interaction: and

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