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MedicalConspiracies- US Army Forced Me to Take Deadly Vaccine$

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Subject: US Army Forced Me to Take Deadly Vaccine$

US Army Forced Me to Take Deadly Vaccine$
When Joshua Jongema, 31,  served in the Army Guard from 2010-2015, 
he received an anthrax shot that almost killed him. Two close relatives, both
Gulf War Vets, have also received shots and are in very poor health 
"It wasn't until eight months later that I read the toxicology reports. Then I learned that something like 1.5 percent of people die from that shot. Something like 2.8 percent have severe problems"
Joshua is now studying Nanotech at college in Seattle. It seems vaccines are a boondoggle administered to soldiers who can't refuse. 
by Joshua Jongema
I, SPC Jongema of the US Army, received an anthrax inoculation. I had to get it even though I pleaded with them to not give it to me, and I almost died. Within 5 seconds I passed out. When I came to, I was in a half dream like state. The MD and others came over. They lifted me into a special chair and they monitored me for thirty minutes. At thirty minutes, they have to decide to call it or clear it. The nurse whispered to me, "It happens a lot. It's the anthrax shot. It happens a lot."
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