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MedicalConspiracies- The Truth about Why Dead/Diseased Animals goes to Pet Food///Real or Fake you decide

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Subject: [Paranormal_Research] The Truth about Why Dead/Diseased Animals goes to Pet Food///Real or Fake you decide
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2016 20:03:20 +0000 (UTC)
From: 'James Paris Sr.' [Paranormal_Research] <>

The real reason dead, decomposing animals are dumped into pet food: the material is too dangerous to landfill. The FDA has decided pets are living landfills, the best place to dispose of dangerous animal material.
In a recent meeting with FDA, the agency stated some haunting things. One: when FDA was asked directly… if the agency will continue to ignore law allowing (illegal) diseased, dead animals to become pet food ingredients after certain risk was discussed (endotoxins) â€" the agency said…
“We’re going to allow animals that have died other than by slaughter that are further processed; we will allow those ingredients in pet food. But hopefully people would not use that protein in a raw pet food diet.â€
In the same meeting when FDA was questioned about the massive amounts of dead/diseased livestock being sent to pet food, the agency stated: “So 3 billion plus animals should go to landfills?â€
Here’s the truth to why FDA ignores federal law and allows “3 billion plus animals†(dead livestock, road kill, euthanized animals) a year into pet food instead of landfills…*X( angry
Colorado government website states disposal of dead animals “must be managed in a manner that prevents the spread of infection and contamination of soil and ground water.â€
Texas states: “Animal carcasses must be handled properly to prevent harm to people, herds, flocks, water, and the overall environment. Several problems can arise if dead livestock and poultry are disposed of improperly:
  • Diseases can be spread to people and animals.
  • Carcass fluids can leach into and pollute groundwater (wells).
  • Bacteria and viruses can be transmitted to surface water (creeks, ponds, lakes, or rivers).
  • Obnoxious gases and odors can be emitted to the atmosphere.â€
Michigan has specific laws regarding the disposal of dead animals: “The Bodies of Dead Animals Act, establishes guidelines for the proper disposal of dead animals, to protect human, animal and environmental health.â€
If you do a Google search for “landfill animal carcasses†you find page after page after page of state regulations discussing the risks (and requirements) to disposal of dead animal carcasses.
It boils down to this…dead/diseased animal carcasses must be disposed of safely. Animals can be buried, but this has to be done properly and is close to impossible on modern feed lot farming operations, some with high animal mortality rates. Dead/diseased animals can be incinerated, but this method is a significant expense to the farmer.
Rendering dead/diseased animals is a safe method of disposal. BUT ONLY for disposal. Rendered dead/diseased animals are a certain risk for high levels of endotoxins and a certain risk to pets consuming those materials in a pet food (as stated by USDA).
In our meeting, when we pushed FDA to enforce existing law the agency stated “So 3 billion plus animals should go to landfills?â€
My initial response was “So you want pets become living landfills?†After the meeting, as I learned more, this is exactly what is happening. Pets have become living landfills for material that is too dangerous to ground landfill and too much of an expense to farmers to dispose of properly/safely.
FDA has chosen â€" without remorse â€" to allow pets to consume dangerous, illegal pet foods. FDA has chosen pets to be living landfills. All pet food consumers deserve to know which pet foods/treats contain dangerous, illegal ingredients. A pet food/treat warning label is required.

Posted by: "James Paris Sr." <>

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