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Multiple Sclerosis Is Actually Lyme Disease. Here's Why

Posted on March 19, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai in Health // 6 Comments
Here's why Multiple Sclerosis is actually Lyme disease

One of the biggest medical scandal's of the last 100 years is the fact
that since 1911 the medical establishment have known that Multiple
Sclerosis is caused by a bacterium, and that Big Pharma have covered
this up in order to profit from so called "MS patients".

Medical research shows that the living Borrelia bacteria were found in
the brains of people who had been diagnosed with MS.

Time and time again. By at least a dozen medical researchers. In at
least ten countries. Since 1911 – the past one hundred years. Several
older but also recent autopsy findings linked to in this article found
that all deceased MS patients' brains harbored living Lyme spirochetes.
Even when tests, notorious for their large percentage of false negatives
were used on living MS patients, staggeringly many tested positive for
active Lyme borreliosis.

Then why isn't this common knowledge? Surely, those thousands of MS
experts and MS researchers can't be all wrong?

Let's examine the reality on the ground.

1. Multiple Sclerosis Societies.

Every Western country has at least one MS Society. Each of those
tax-exempt societies typically receives tens of millions of dollars in
funding from various sources, year after year. The people running those
societies usually award themselves CEO-level salaries and run them as
one would run a highly commercial corporation. Advertising is used to
solicit funds but if you don't read ads then you'll bump into them, one
day, begging you for money on the street. For all those billions that
have been pumped over the decades in those hundreds of MS societies
worldwide, not a single one has ever done anything really useful for MS
patients. The worst that could possibly happen for the bosses of those
setups is that the cause of MS would become known. A known cause would
either mean the development of either a cure or at least better symptom
relievers, and that would rapidly result in the obsoleteness of their
money making machine – the chicken that lays the golden eggs if you
will. Such MS societies are working in concert with MS "researchers"
employed by Big Pharma.

2. Big Pharma.

Multinational pharmaceutical corporations are the only ones doing MS
research nowadays, mainly using donations to MS societies. Those
multinationals decide which researchers get the cash. Researchers
wanting to test the postulation of bacterial etiology of MS are shunned
as if they were crackpots. Big Pharma makes billions a year on MS
symptom relievers and they trickle millions down to their footsoldiers,
the "MS experts". A cure would be a severe financial blow. Even more so,
because there is strong evidence that many other neurological illnesses
are caused by germs as well. Because due to the phenomenon of immune
privilege there is an inadequate immune response in the brain and spinal
cord, making these organs the ideal place for certain slow-dividing
spirochetal bacteria to entrench, multiply and cause lesions. The entire
concept of antibiotic-resistant, hard-to-test-for chronic CNS infections
leading to a plethora of neurological syndromes has to be suppressed and
what can't be suppressed will be craftily discredited. Better to give
every expression of a neurological infection its own name such as "MS",
"Alzheimers", "Parkinsons," "ALS" and "Fibromyalgia". And fund armies of
ignorant "experts" to obfuscate the issue, whilst boycotting, firing,
censoring, smearing and suing those few real experts that refuse to stay
in line. Big Pharma is in business to make money, and money is made when
people are ill, not when they're healthy. Anyone standing in their way
is relegated to the sidelines. Patents are being bought and shelved so
that cures will never see the light of day.

3. Patient advocacy groups.

MS patient groups are, without exception, populated with clueless
individuals for the simple reason that those who did their homework and
read the relevant research have been ostracized by the group. They
always were and they always will, because that's how group dynamics
works. As soon as you insist on voicing an opinion outside of the
mainstream, no matter how well argued – you'll be an outcast, a pariah.
They don't want rogue activists, "lone nutters", giving them a bad name.
Also the advocacy groups are raking in the dough and are run by folks
whose main concern is that membership dues are paid in time. No MS, no
advocacy group. Of course if there ever will emerge a lobby group
insisting on more microbiological research pertaining Multiple
sclerosis, they'll be branded "lunatic fringe" and their efforts will be
in vain.

4. MS "experts".

Those "experts" get away with calling themselves thus, because Big
Pharma gives them their seal of approval in the form of research grants
and medical media exposure. However they are only experts in doing
exactly what Big Pharma wants them to do: Obscuring the cause of
Multiple Sclerosis! In return, the "experts" get regular cash injections
for their "promising research" and other goodies such as all-in holidays
to exotic destinations. There never will be a cure for MS until the
scandal breaks and new antibiotics are developed that work better than
the few currently available antibiotics that cross the blood-brain
barrier. As it stands, it has been more than twenty years ago since any
new antibiotic was developed. As soon as it was found that Minocycline
helped with MS, its manufacturer, Lederle, tripled its price.

After long consideration I came to the conclusion that at least a
crucial part of this debâcle was due to a real conspiracy – mainly a
conspiracy of silence of those few MS researchers bright enough to
realize that the cause for MS has been known for at least a hundred
years. As is always the case with medical cover-ups, it continues to
exist due to a mix of ignorance, indifference, cowardice and
corruption. The saying goes: "Do not attribute to malice that what can
be adequately blamed on ignorance". All the "experts" really are
interested in is being "experts", not curing Multiple sclerosis. However
it still is a conspiracy. It is completely normal for conspiracies to
succeed because the lion share of the people who could point it out
don't care, are too lazy to get educated or feel too intimidated to
stick out their necks. Microbiologist Tom Grier calls them cowards. The
fact that most conspiracies are silently facilitated by an army of
"useful idiots" with a stake in it being kept under the rug does not
make it any less a conspiracy.

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