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MedicalConspiracies- Weaponized Cell Towers Feature Large Kill Radius

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I'm not crazy about the language 
that this guy uses but I do find 
the information that he shares 
here to be worthy of your 
consideration. It's hyper-paranoid 
to point of being humorous, yet 
the facts are correct.

He gets into the meat of the 
matter by explaining that a 
communications satellite uses 
2,400 watts of power (about the 
same as used by 2 hair dryers). 
A microwave oven uses 1,000 
watts (1 kilowatt) of energy. The 
satellite gets the energy from 
solar panels and the microwave 
gets it from your electric utility 
(the electrical power grid).

A microwave oven's internal 
magnetron, which is virtually the 
same as that of a radar- or 
cellphone tower, transforms the 
electrical energy into microwaves. 

The magnetron inside a microwave 
oven can be easily adapted into 
very lethal ray gun - which is 
demonstrated, quite impressively, 
here, I might add.

Then, he shows us the cables 
leading into a typical cellphone 
tower, which he describes as "A 
giant microwave oven on a stick," 
capable of releasing 3,000,000 
watts (3 megawatts) of output 
power to the tower's magnetron 
- or even more megawatts, if 
there is an amplifier at the top. 

To put this into perspective, one 
(1) watt from your cellphone can 
go 25 miles to the nearest 
cellphone tower, to relay your 
call's signal to the person on the 
other end of the line. The US 
Federal Communications 
Commission (FCC) limits the 
amount of energy that a cellphone 
tower can release to 400 watts.

These megawatts of extra power 
are NOT for data transfer - nothing 
close to that amount of energy is 
required for data transfer - which is 
an important point, because this 
suggests to him that cellphone 
towers are easily capable of being 
switched on to Weaponized Mode.  

That cellphone towers are wired 
with the capability to release millions 
of watts of microwave radiation 
makes them veritable of "towers of 
death", the perfect weapons against 
an "invasion" - or the mega-slaughter 
of the domestic population. 

Virtually all towns, all over the world 
have the amount of towers necessary 
to fry the populations in their vicinity 
All that needs to happen is for an 
Artificial Intelligence program from 
Google - or an action from "The real 
people who brought us 9/11" - or if 
whoever we elect "...turns out to be 
so crazy, batsh-t evil, that they could 
fake a reason to turn on the 'Last Line 
of Defense,' the 'Anti-Foreign Invasion', 
'Anti-Zombie Apocalypse Network' 
cook the entire population within the 
city limits within an hour, in the middle 
of the night...All these contingencies 
are out there, ladies and gentlemen..."

Why? The clip's creator believes that 
whoever is behind this wants to 
exterminate the majority of humans, 
in order to have the Earth all to  
themselves, in the incredibly shallow 
belief that they can upload their minds 
into robotic avatars and live in a Virtual 
Reality "Matrix", happily ever after 
forever, in a post-human future.

He says our only defense is to stop 
them, now from creating this 
technology - and from creating Borg 
armies or clone armies, etc. because 
as soon as they've succeeded in 
obtaining these, they will proceed 
with our extermination. 

These technologies are about a decade 
away and they're owned by people who 
are not our friends; people who control 
the food supply, our water supply, our 
air supply - and he says their endgame 
is the death of humanity.

Video: (under 8 mins) 

- Alexandra

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