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MedicalConspiracies- EFT Tapping for Dogs

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EFT Tapping Points On A Dog

A visitor asks: "I love EFT and use it for myself all the time. I would like to tap EFT on my dog as well as doing proxy tapping. Can you tell me what the tapping points on a dog should be?"

Here is an "EFT Tapping Points For Dogs" diagram and some instructions how to tap EFT on a dog.

Some tips before we start tapping EFT on a dog.

1. Make sure your dog doesn't mind. If the dog gets upset or stressed, do the Proxy EFT Protocol for animals instead which you can find here.

2. Touch VERY lightly - you're closing an electric circuit. You don't have to hit the points exactly for it to work, and for the paw points, touching the nails gently will do just fine.

3. Rein in your healing "power" - have a very gentle, gentle intention, like you would stroke the head of a tiny bird with exquisite caution and care.

4. Talk to the dog all the way through the EFT tapping process, telling them they're very good, they're doing well.

5. Make sure *you* are completely calm and loving, serene and tranquil yourself. If necessary, tap a few rounds to de-stress first and at least two rounds to energize yourself with a positive set up such as love, energy, healing, etc. before you start tapping on your dog.

6. Breathe deeply in and out yourself between each point and say the set up very quietly, or in your mind.

7. Start and end each EFT tapping round by stroking your dog head to tail three times and telling them they are very, very good indeed.

With this in mind, here are the tapping points for EFT on a dog and the treatment path from "under snozzle" to the fourth toe.


0. Stroke your dog head to tail three times and tell them you're going to do some EFT now.


Tap all the dog EFT points lightly and very gently:


1. Under nose

2. Above nose

3. Under Stop

4. Top of the Head

5. Top of the Eye

6. Inside Corner of eye

7. Under eye

8. Under ear

9. By the side of the breast bone

10. Inside elbow

11. Wrist

12, 13, 14, 15. Toes. Tap on the nail.


0. Finish with three long strokes head to tail and praise your dog!



Dogs have tapping points all over their bodies, as do people. You can try tapping other places, down the spine from snout to tail can be lovely for the dog's energy system.

You can tap down the other paw once in a while for a change as well.

If your dog doesn't have a stop or you can't get at the eyes, just do the best you can or simply use the Animal Proxy EFT protocol and tap on yourself instead.


Good luck for tapping EFT on your dogs!



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