Friday, October 30, 2015

MedicalConspiracies- Ringling Bros: End the captive breeding of elephants!

The Care2 community celebrated when Ringling Bros. agreed to retire their elephants - but why do they intend to keep breeding them for captivity? Sign the Care2 petition to Ringling's CEO today!

Demand Ringling Bros. Stop Breeding Elephants into Captivity


After countless Care2 petitions seeking better treatment for circus elephants, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey announced they would stop using elephants in their performances. But this huge win for animals has a dark side.

In a recent interview, Ringling CEO Kenneth Feld shows off the treeless, dusty expanse outside Orlando that will house the largest Asian elephant "collection" in the Western Hemisphere. His Center for Elephant Conservation continues the use of bullhooks and ankle chains that led to cities ending elephant performances.

Even worse, the facility also breeds elephants for a life in captivity. Since 1995, 21 elephants have been born at the Center - born into a life that will know no wilderness or life in a free elephant herd. Sign Jessica's Care2 petition to Feld, urging him to discontinue captive breeding.

While Feld states in the interview that he and his Center "manage for the survival of the species," what kind of survival will it be? Asian elephants are endangered due to habitat loss - how will captive elephants in Florida help the species survive?

Feld also hints at the future of his elephants - just 15 miles from Disney's Orlando theme parks, his trained elephants could continue to perform at a permanent elephant attraction - bypassing the patchwork network of city bans that kept him from keeping his elephants on the road with his circus.

Sign the Care2 petition and urge Barnum to truly retire his elephants and stop captive breeding.

Thanks for taking action!

  Aaron V.
The Care2 Petitions Team


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