Friday, February 6, 2015

MedicalConspiracies- Why you shouldn't declaw your cat

NY is banning this painful brutal practice!  see NEWS VIDEO:


  • The Humane Society of the United States
    May 12, 2014 - Declawing your cat is not a solution to scratching problems. ... for getting your cat to scratch where you want instead of resorting to this cruel amputation. ... Pet caregivers should not consider declawing a routine prevention for ...
  • Information to educate you in your decision to declaw your cat with a list of countries in which declawing cats is either illegal or considered extremely inhumane.
  • Declawing: Why You Should Never Subject Your Cat to This ...
  • Nov 15, 2011 - Discover why declawing a cat is a painful, irreversible, and traumatic, and why you should NOT let your kitty go through this type of pet surgery.
  • by J Dougherty - ‎Related articles
    If you are considering the same fate for your cat, allow Fluffy five minutes of your time, and ... Declawing is not only unfair to your furry friend, but it is also cruel. .... Under these condition, the person should decide against owning a cat at all.
  • Top Reasons Not to Declaw a Cat - Cats - › ... › Declawing and Humane Alternatives
  • If you are thinking of declawing a cat, or a veterinarian suggests declawing at the same time as ... Your cat will live his remaining years with the result of your decision, one way or another. ... 10 Things Every New Cat Owner Should Know.
  • A person that decides to declaw his/her cat should not be vilified, instead encouraged .... Aaww, your cat must think you are the worst party pooper on the planet!
  • Angie's List
    Sep 22, 2014 - Not that many years ago, the decision about whether to have the family cat declawed focused more on the couch than the cat. These days ...
  • Apr 14, 2008 - is a painful and permanently crippling procedure that should never be ... City tells its clients, "If you love your cat … don't declaw!"(12).
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