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Direct-MS Changes Research Focus

Since its inception, Direct-MS has focused its research effort on the value of nutritional factors for affecting the MS disease process. Clinical trials involving the recommended nutritional strategies and vitamin D have been funded and completed. Ongoing clinical trials being funded by Direct-MS include the value of the Terry Wahls nutritional recommendations (University of Iowa) and the effect of vitamin D on inflammatory markers (University of Toronto).

Over the last year Direct-MS has funded MS and CCSVI association studies at the University of Buffalo. There is now no doubt that CCSVI is highly associated with MS and that CCSVI treatment holds great promise as a very beneficial treatment for MS. Given this, there is a major need for a proper clinical trial which tests the effectiveness of CCSVI treatment for MS.  We have also started a Facebook Page that is geared primarily toward current CCSVI research.

Accordingly, the Board of Directors of Direct-MS has decided to focus our research funding over the next two years and perhaps longer on CCSVI treatment trial research. All donations received over the next two years will go exclusively to CCSVI treatment research unless the donation is specifically directed to another research area.

We would again emphasis because of the volunteer nature of Direct-MS, every penny of mailed donations will go straight to the research effort (97 cents on the dollar for online donations). This compares to about 15 cents of every dollar collected by the MS Society of Canada going to research.

Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding our funding of CCSVI treatment research. To us, it is critical for the health of all persons with MS that such research gets done in the near future, not 8-10 years from now as other MS organizations are planning.

Welcome to the DIRECT-MS Website

In 1995 my son received the devastating diagnosis of MS. Having been a research scientist for 30 years, I decided to plunge into the scientific literature for MS to determine the most likely factors which cause MS and to use this information to develop an effective therapy for my son.

Notably, many people are having great success in halting or greatly slowing MS with nutritional strategies; many Testimonials are available. I am most pleased to report that my son remains in excellent health with no MS symptoms.

I discovered abundant scientific evidence that indicates that various nutritional factors potentially play major roles in the onset and progression of MS. Strangely, this information was not being made available to persons with MS by doctors nor by established MS charities.

My wife and I and a group of others dealing with MS decided to make this information freely available and established a federally registered charity which we called DIRECT-MS, short for DIet REsearch into the Cause and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. You can find out more About Us as well how to Contact Us and to Donate to DIRECT-MS in the Our Charity section of this website.

This website has been set up primarily to provide reliable, science-based information on the role that nutritional factors play in MS to allow those affected by MS to make an informed decision on whether or not to use nutritional strategies for managing the disease and preventing it from occurring in loved ones. Summaries of the research findings and our nutritional recommendations are found in the Information section. These are available in either Voiced Slide Presentations or Booklets.

More detailed scientific information is found in the Science section. Here you will find an extensive library of hundreds of relevant articles from scientific Journals as well as a number of Letters and Essays I have written on various topics related to nutrition and MS. Finally in the science section you can find out about our clinical Research towards testing the effectiveness of nutritional strategies for halting MS.

Recommended Nutritional Strategies and a list of suggested Supplements are found in the Nutrition section, as well as MS-friendly Recipes. In the What's New section of the site you can find both the Latest News as well as an archive of News Articles. Recent additions to the site are highlighted at What's New on

Please Contact Us if you have comments or questions on nutrition and MS. You might also consider visiting our sister site, The Best Bet Diet Group, which is maintained by persons with MS who are using nutritional strategies. It contains a wealth of practical information and also provides support. Other related sites are listed on the Links page. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy and benefit from the information.

Ashton Embry, Ph.D.
Calgary, Canada

I must emphasize that this website is intended as an informational guide. The approaches described and suggested therapies are meant to complement, not replace, professional medical advice and treatment. You are encouraged to seek advice from your doctor on matters related to MS.

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