Saturday, September 14, 2013

MedicalConspiracies- Abused, neglected, and denied care


Help us stop suffering like this.
  Animals are not ours to use for entertainment PETA  
Help us stop suffering like this.


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Dear Myra,

A frail rabbit struggles, too weak to reach the water can left in a rusty, waste-strewn cage. A tiger neurotically paces back and forth in a tiny barren enclosure. An elderly llama suffers from an oozing, empty eye socket after being denied veterinary care for weeks on end.

These are just a few examples of the horrible abuse that PETA has documented at the roadside zoos that we've investigated—hellholes where animals are suffering tremendously so that facility operators can rake in money from gawking tourists on a road trip.

You can help PETA stop the horrendous abuse of animals for "entertainment" with your gift today.

Whatever their size—from small menageries to large compounds—roadside zoos often treat animals as little more than disposable props, with no regard for their welfare or even basic attention to their many needs.

Neglect and abuse are common, as the owners put more effort into getting paying customers in the door than ensuring the health and well-being of the caged animals. These neglected animals can sometimes spend months and even years without experiencing the slightest bit of the compassion and care that they deserve.

One of the most disturbing facilities that PETA has worked to shut down is a notorious roadside zoo known as Jambbas Ranch Tours, where hundreds of animals languish in horrible conditions. Since late 2006, nearly every inspection of the place by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has resulted in citations for failing to meet even the minimal care required by the Animal Welfare Act—violations that range from denial of adequate veterinary care to filthy food and water bins to housing that left animals at risk of injury or death.

Through your generous donation right now, you'll be sending a powerful message to those who continue to put their bottom line ahead of the animals they exploit.

You may remember that last summer, PETA—together with compassionate people from around the country—helped win the release of Ben, a bear who had spent six long years confined to a small kennel at Jambbas, where he was named nothing more than "2." He now gets to bathe in a pool, forage for food, and scratch his back on trees, natural behavior that he could never enjoy in the tiny barren cage that Jambbas had condemned him to.

Now the USDA has finally taken the first steps toward suspending or revoking Jambbas' license and is also seeking civil penalties and a cease-and-desist order against this roadside hellhole. We're hopeful that this wonderful news means that someday soon the hundreds of captive animals currently imprisoned at Jambbas will join Ben by being retired to sanctuaries.

As long as roadside zoos like Jambbas, circuses, and other enterprises continue to condemn animals to a life of misery and abuse for the amusement of visitors, our work is far from done.

Please take a moment to help us do even more for animals in entertainment by giving today.

Thank you for refusing to accept the shameful conditions in which these animals live and die.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. Roadside zoos are miserable places for animals. Will you stand up for the right of all animals to live free from exploitation and abuse by donating right now?
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