Thursday, July 25, 2013

MedicalConspiracies- WHY IS NBC REPLACING JAY LENO ?

Firstly, I proudly admit to being a staunchly PRO  JAY  LENO  FAN !!!!!

Johnny Carson was the absolutely class act on late night TV.  Last PM,
I watched a PBS documentary, on NETFLIX, about his life.  He had a
sad life, and compensated by entertainment and humor.  If you have
NETFLIX, I highly recommend your watching it.  Have tissue handy.

When nbc was forcing Johnny out, they needed to replace him with an
equally class act.  Leno fit that need.  Yes, early Leno skits deserved to
be replaced.  Remember "Iron Jay" ?

I disagreed with nbc forcing Johnny out, just as I also disagree with their
forcing out Leno. 

As certain meds have interfered with my being able to sleep at night, I've
taken the time to watch Leno's named replacement, Jimmy Fallon, on
numerous occasions.  His format is similar to Johnny's and Leno's, but
different enough that I don't think that he or the format will ever achieve
what Johnny and Leno have.

Summarily, Johnny was the KING of Late Night.  Leno has done extremely
well to fill Johnny's shoes.  I predict that Fallon will ultimately fail to win that

Leno was born and raised in Andover, MASS., not far from me.

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