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Dog rescue needed for terrified dog in California shelter

This terrified dog doesn't even have a name, and she sits cowering in a dirty kennel at the San Bernardino City Shelter in California. A female white and brown brindle, the emaciated pit bull mix has been deserted; in a few days she is scheduled to be euthanized if a rescue doesn't step up to give her a chance at a new life.

Volunteers believe she may have been used as a bait dog, and her undernourished body condition with open sores is a clear indication of her past neglect and cruelty inflicted upon a dog no one wants anymore.

Her beautiful face no longer shows any hope. No one has even given her a soft towel to rest her body and soul on for the last few days of her life if a rescue doesn't come forward. Please share. The complete info you will find here:

Source: Examiner/ Cheryl Hanna/ July 20

DO NOT BUY PETS! If nobody bought and everyone adopted, nobody would breed pets, and eventually, no innocent pets would die. ADOPTION IS THE ONLY OPTION! Help us spread the message, join us! If you agree that animals feel, suffer, love and the truth about their abuse should be exposed, please “like” our page. Thank you!


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