Saturday, July 27, 2013


PLU  Chart  for  Produce

American readers should print this chart, and always take it with them when they go grocery shopping.  When Americans buy fruits and vegetables individually, there is usually a small sticker on them.  This sticker will include a 'PLU' number.  The first digit in that number is significant.

The Meaning Of The PLU First Digit On Fresh Produce


The product is definitely genetically modified (G.M.O.), and almost any chemical may have been used on it, at any time.  It is a toxic Frankenfood.  Please avoid, and boycott whichever company is producing it.


The product is likely genetically modified (G.M.O.), and almost any chemical may have been used on it, at any time.


The product was 'conventionally grown' with synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides.  Make note that there is a new generation of pesticides cannot be washed off, because these pesticides are fed to the roots, and infuse into every cell of the plant.  These 'conventionally grown' foods have approximately 1/10th of the nutritional value of equivalent organic produce, and are significantly less flavorful.


This is the highest quality produce, the most nutritious, the most natural, and the most safe.  The product is organic (non-G.M.O.), and it was grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or any chemicals whatsoever.   These are truly all-natural.  When you see a PLU number beginning with 9, think purity and extremely high nutritional value.  For example, an apple with a PLU of 9 will usually be more nutritious than a bowl of PLU 4 spinach.

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